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  1. Matt Twix

    Compensation Request

    Name: Matt DiPinto Steam64ID: 76561198271732148 Date of Incident: 10/2/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): EST 1:39 Amount your claiming: 17,000 due to the cartel money + Loadout (50k) 1x Dipinto Uniform, 1x Colt M4, x20 Magizines + Virual Items Description of situation: I was at cartel money chillin, Waiting for it to expire. I got stuck in the fucking ceiling and gunned down by an insomnia member. Evidence:
  2. Matt Twix

    Insomina Comp

    This was not about the bank, It was about the simple fact the cop jumped up through the floor.
  3. Matt Twix

    Insomina Comp

    Name: Matt Frost / Slaney Insomina Steam64ID: 76561198271732148 Date of Incident: 10:00 PM Time of Incident (LA Time): Amount your claiming: 65,000 Description of situation: Bank was breached with 1 cop over the limit, Requested compensation. Evidence:
  4. Name: Matt Frost Age: 18 Country: US Steam ID: 76561198271732148 Previous Gangs (if any) Kamdan Space Program, Moretti Family Why would you like to join: I was recently removed from the KSP, My hatred for state command has fueled me to change sides, Plus I know a decent amount of people inside the gang that are encouraging me to join. Do you know anyone in the gang: Yes, Crazed Sparrow, Adam Sparrow Hours on Arma (Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/af008dbd64ad83fd623587bd919a30ff
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