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    Jay Blackwell - EMS Application

    Application In order to apply for the Kamdan Fire Department you will need to copy the contents of this thread Personal Information Name: Jay Blackwell Age: 15 Steam 64 UID: 76561198979809323 Timezone:EST __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions about yourself: Describe yourself in 4 words that support your application? Mature, Reliable, Compassionate and Outgoing. How many hours a week can you dedicate to this department? 10 to 30 Why do you think you fit the role of a EMT? (150 words minimum): What I think fits the role of an Emergency Medical Technician is, responding to 911 calls for people having what could be one of the worst days in there life. You have to be able to function in an uncommon situation and understand that no two calls are the same. As an Emergency Medical Technician, you have to have an understanding of stress response and methods to ensure the well being of your patients, because that will always be your priority. You have to be able to remain calm in any situation that may arise, must be able to act cool under pressure and be able to provide first-aid treatment or life support to care for your patients. If I am accepted, I will make this not only my job but my passion. I will take every call seriously and treat every single person I come across by with nothing but the utmost respect. The moment I put on my uniform I am representing the whole department. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): Yes in many GTA V/IV communities. What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (150 words minimum): There are a lot of traits that can make a person a good EMT, one of the most important attributes in an EMT, in my opinion, is the ability to act under pressure, every single call you will have to make split-second decisions that could end up in life or death for your patient. You have to treat every patient as if they were your family member, and you would do everything in your power to ensure the health of your patient. You need to be able to communicate, EMT's need to be able to communicate well verbally, non-verbally and in writing. Last but not least, compassion, many people are drawn to become an EMT because of the excitement and many are drawn out with the wanting to help people. A career as an EMT is all about helping people and ensure there care and their safety, working as an EMT is a calling, not a job. Why should you be chosen over someone else? (100 words minimum): I believe there are many reasons why you should hire me. I am an out-going person, I am passionate about being an Emergency Medical Technician. I am ready to give my all to this calling and dedicate my time to it. If accepted I can ensure you I will take this calling very seriously. I won't skip a beat, and I'll always put my patients in good care, where they're in the back of my bus, I want them to feel secure and know that they will be okay. Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time to read my application and consider me for this calling. Anything that you would like to add?: No Have you read the rules of this community: YES Is all the information above true and honest: Yes Do you understand that your can be denied or terminated from your rank due to inactivity, your previous history or due to your behaviour on and off duty under the same name: YES Signature: Today's date: 9/3/2019 Your name: Jay Blackwell
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