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  1. Uncoordinated Application Status = Open We are a new gang, still a little small but have a good light hearted member base, we are looking towards doing more majors, taking over territories and mafia base. As we are only starting out we will probably be the easiest official gang to join right now. We have lots of great days ahead with plans for custom car skins, new custom gear etc once ANZUS gets monitization sorted! Owner - @Mark Headrow Co-Owner - @Ray Washington You can apply for the gang by copy and pasting the following along with applicable answers in the comments below: Application Full Name - Age (16 minimum) -Region - Why would you like to join the Uncoordinated? - What can you bring to the gang? - How many days have you been on the island? - What are your strengths or weaknesses? - Do you acknowledge and respect the authority of high ranking officers inside the gang and why? - How many hours do you have on Arma 3? - How active will you be? - Do you have any current gang affiliations? - Do you understand that in our gang we hold rules and guidelines that must be followed? - Do you understand that in our gang we uphold all the rules that Anzus has in place? - Paste your steam account here: Paste your Discord ID here: Make sure you @Mark Headrow in your application post as notifications aren't working for me. Requirements You have to be at least 16 years old to join Uncoordinated. You have to have at least 7 days on the island to join Uncoordinated. You have to speak fluent English to join Uncoordinated. You have to have at least logged on 200 hours of Arma 3. You have to have a working microphone and headset to join Uncoordinated. If accepted you will go through a final interview, with one of our higher ranking members. Thank you for your time and we will see you on the island.
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