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Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar Practice Certificate Application

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Supreme Court of Kamdan Practice Certificate Application


Character Details

Character Name: Lucifer Morningstar

Character Primary Faction (e.g. Civ, Cop, Mafia, ect.): Civ

Are you currently under employment by any corporation: No

Do you plan to practice privately, in a firm, as a public defender or as a prosecutor? I intend to practice in a corporate  firm that i would like to build from the ground up  
Do you currently have an offer of a job in any of these? No i don't have a job offer when in any field however as i stated i am looking to build my own firm 

Do you have a mentor lawyer that you know that could assist you in practice when you first start? not within kandam but i had a friend who studied law there and mentored me in learning as much as i can about law and how to practice it 

References from current lawyers (not required but very helpful):  No i do not

Personal Details (IRL)

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 19/03/2001

Steam64 ID:

TeamSpeak ID (or Name): Lucifer Morningstar

Country: Australia 

Timezone: ACST

Character Questions
Persons already accepted into a police prosecutor position may skip these questions

Due to the fact i'm not looking to be a police prosecutor i am skipping this segment if you would still like me to fill it out please inform me before  making your choice on my application  

Do you have any experience and particular skills as a lawyer? (Min 50 words or 5 dot points)

Why would you like to become a lawyer in Kamdan? (Min 75 words or 10 dot points)

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer? (Min 50 words)

How many hours a year (a week) can you put into the Department of Justice?      

What is your goal as a position within 2 months of being accepted?

Why should your application be accepted? (Min 25 words)


Have You Been Previously Struck Off the Roll (e.g. been kicked out of the DOJ)?
If Yes, For What Reason? No i have not 

Do you have Current Pending Criminal Charges Against You?
If so, what charges? No i do not

Disclose Any of the Following Convictions; Murder of a Judge executing his duties, Attack of a Courthouse or Terrorist Acts Towards the Courts: i do not have any of the convictions nor will i or have i

Disclose Any Convictions for Perjury or Lying Under Oath in Kamdan:  i do not have any of the convictions nor will i or have i

Please Disclose the Number of Past Applications For Admission Made: 0

Please Disclose Reasons for the Denied Applications: (if any have occurred) none have occured 

Do you have any Past Bans on ANZUS Gaming? i haven't been banned off the server 

If you have answered yes to any of the above, please explain why we should still accept your application: i haven't stated yes to any of those questions 

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