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Jason Steele

Complaint to the Chief Justice / Jason Steele v. Kamdan Legislature

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To: The Honorable Chief Justice Jack Fire

Mr. Chief Justice, it has come to my attention that while practicing law in the state of Kamdan, I have noticed a discrepancy with the legislatures laws regarding firearms. Let me detail the discrepancy in this letter. In the “Kamdan Criminal Definitions Act”, I have found that the definitions of a Class 1 and 2 Firearm contradict each other and also are in violation of the United States 2nd constitutional amendment that states;

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (U.S. Const. amend. II.) 

It is in my opinion that the “Kamdan Criminal Definitions Act” be found unconstitutional and the legislature instead pass a new bill because of the violation of this amendment. The violation is in how the act defines a Class 1 and 2 Firearms. 

Class 1 Firearm Definition:

"Operated with 1 hand
Fires in semi automatic only
Lacks a silencer
Less then .45 in revolver or less then .50 for other pistols
Purchased at gun store

Class 2 Firearm Definition:

"All firearms operated with one hand other then class 1 firearms
Bolt action Rifle below .338 
Personal Defence Weapon (SMG Type) which are capable of semi automatic fire 
9mm or .45 ACP SMG firearms which may have automatic functions"

(Kamdan Criminal Definitions Act)

The first discrepancy is because in every gun shop in Kamdan, automatic pistols are sold for all who possess a firearms license. 

The second discrepancy is the lack of allowing semi automatic firearms such as a semi automatic and non bolt action functioning rifle as a Class 1 Firearm, which it should be. 

The third discrepancy is the wording that a Class 1 Firearm can only be classified as such if it can be operated with one hand, yet a crossbow or semi automatic non bolt action rifle would not fall in this category. 

The act fails to mention the place of shotguns and with the current implementation, a shotgun would be considered illegal in Kamdan which would surely be a violation of the rights of citizens of Kamdan. 

With urgency, please strike this act as unconstitutional and request that the legislature enact a new act which is still in line with current case law and the rights afforded to all law abiding citizens of Kamdan, and that also keeps in mind our law enforcement officers requests. 

Regards, Jason Steele

@Jack Fire

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2 hours ago, Gonzo Gazorpazorp said:


I was also wondering why I could buy a glock 18 in gun store even though technically it is illegal.

One of my many arguments against this law

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