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Doug Jumper

Kamdan Life 2.7 [New quest, New major crime, Halloween Event]

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Thanks to Dillon, Mr Boolean, John Doe, Michael Wellington and all the people who contributed to this update.
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uBARh3ofOiKIVjgIHQnGRNcwkXNTNOZe/view?usp=sharing
ARMA 3 Sync:
Modpack update: 900MB
Note: The server is currently reverted to a previous build of ARMA 3 due to Bohemia messing up an update making it so modded servers can not start.

  • New High Tech Bitcoin Major Crime
    • Ability to reinforce the windows with metal plates
    • All windows are not bullet proof and are allowed to be shot through
    • Receive bitcoin every time you do a robbery which can be used on the Dark web to buy cheap advanced rebel guns without advanced rebel
  • New Treasure Quest (Find 10 treasure map pieces for a 5000 XP and a $500,000 cash reward) *FIRST ONE TO FIND ALL 10 GETS AN EXCLUSIVE BIG WHEEL FORD RAPTOR WHICH HAS 175 SPACE, ONLY OBTAINED BY AUCTION/GIVEAWAYS)
  • Halloween Event (Pumpkins will randomly spawn around the map at specific locations)
    • $10,000 and 270 xp per pumpkin
    • They will continuously change spot each time one is found
  • New Hummer Car
  • Side door on bank works (Can be bolted shut with a door bolt and blown up with an explosive charge)
  • Dupe fixes
  • LSD and Weed have been heavily buffed
  • Tinfoil hat shop added to Artifact hand in
  • Fixed sounds not admitting at major crimes
  • New Winchester lab layout + door fix
  • Winchester Lab now has a 60 minute delay after robbing it
  • New Children of Gaben Car
  • New Cena Warden Car
  • New UN gang uniform
  • New Delgado gang uniform
  • New El V gang uniform
  • Fixed missing textures for Kamaz trucks


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21 minutes ago, Gonzo Gazorpazorp said:

lmfao delgados with the trash 😂


Also weed and LSD "heavily" buffed is not accurate, weed price was increased by $50..

Did you try the farming time :D

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