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Jack Knight

The Purge

The Purge.   

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  1. 1. The Purge, do you want it?

    • Purge once a month.
    • Purge now and again.
    • Never purge.

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After someone suggested a purge, i asked around and not many of the people i asked liked the idea even being brought forward. If people want it, ill work on a doc and send it to SMT, if not, then nothing changes :) 

Just remember, ALL emergency services suspended and killing your enemies without legal blowback ;) 


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If the purge was added this should be an official server event that happens once every month (So a rare occurrence). Therefore I believe that the police force should be deactivated during that time as individuals will use this ability of no initiating to just frag cops & camp DOC

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42 minutes ago, Christian Thomas said:

Bad idea i disagree with this.

Nah I sort of disagree, people are getting way to glitch and it gives us something to grind for.

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lol imagine majors and then gangs fight over who gets the loot


would be funny af tbh, but we should probably do so that all the police is in DOC and whoever doesn't want to participate can come there for protection or something idk

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Just do it before every wipe similar to how ALRP did it back in the day where before the wipe you can have 12 hours of mayhem or 6 hours whatever it was, that way its very rare and doesn't effect anything long term and lets people just frag out and burn a bit of the combat desire so when wipe hits people focus on getting started etc.

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