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Jack Knight

[NEWS] Kamdan Daily

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Takistan Declares War
As the Takistani President is killed, Taki Attacks. We invited them to the island in order to make a deal, the deal failed and now the President of Takistan is dead! Takistan has declared war on the state of Kamdan, the Whitehouse is aware and steps are being taken. Attacks could be immanent, the Kamdan State Police urge all civilians to stay indoors for the upcoming weeks. The plan was to walk into better weapons, instead we have walked away with a war. Good luck to you all.

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2 hours ago, Nick Evans said:

I vote we change map to Taki for like 3 days for when we occupy them and take their oil.

The Takistani Army can catch these hands

Kinda sounds like mil sim. @Rick Larsson where do I apply for the medevac position?

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