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Doug Jumper

Kings County 3.0.1 Hotfix

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Hello! Thanks for everyone who attended release today I know it was a bit buggy but we've fixed a bunch of them with this update.

  • House robberies fixed
  • Runs buffed back to Kamdan Prices
  • Fixed EMS Clothing Shops
  • Fixed USCG Clothing Shops
  • CID can now interrogate Civilians
  • Fixed EMS and USCG Vehicle Shops
  • Cross River Spawn Fixed
  • ATMs fixed (Some are broken so if you find broken ones please post on #bug-reports with location)
  • Iron Trader fixed
  • Cocaine Shipment Fixed
  • Paychecks fixed
  • Coastguard Airshop and Storage fixed
  • Job vehicles can now be radar
  • EMS GPS prefix fix
  • Gas station robbery alert
  • House robbery alert
  • Meth van fixed
  • Oil rig ladders fixed

We will fix the following by tomorrow peak time

  • Prison issues
  • Coinflip
  • Conviction Log
  • EMS Lights
  • Medical Notifications
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  • HYPERS 1
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Both Cutters broken we can't enter the driver seats or gunner seats & USCG Heli missing the batch to pick people up from water + nobody can jump into the heli from the water. Posted it in bug reports! Hope we can see this fixed when you guys get some time <3. Other then that good job! Looks well.

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If you've posted a bug report we've seen it, we can only fix so much at a time it's just me and doug on the night shift atm

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1 hour ago, Chase Walsh said:

Economy did not seem to change. For example drug prices are still around $500. Is making money is so hard intended?

Sorry forgot to change drugs, only changed legal stuff. Will put it up next restart.

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