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Kings County 3.2.3 Update [Medic Transport, Supreme Store, Other stuff]

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Thank you to @Callum Martinez for assisting in this update

  • Supreme Store Added
    • Contains several unique clothing available for extra style choices
  • Hunting Store & Hunting License added
    • Removed FN3011 and other hunting rifles from main gun store
    • Hunting License required to possess hunting rifles that are legally available
  • Separated SWAT weapon store from standard weapon store
  • Several changes to the oil rig capture system
    • Map markers when being captured
    • Notification message changes
  • Changes and optimisations with the phone calling system
  • Medical Organ Transport mission
    • Transport Truck/Smuggler Boat equivalent for the FD faction
    • Requires Lockpicks which have been added to the FD stores
    • More changes are coming for medics including future upgrades to this transport system
  • Fixed errors relating to the Carry Weight perks
  • Added accurate jail times to the wanted system based off of the minimum sentence
  • Added the currently made Governor billboard dotted about
  • Dropped Military Ship down to 9 coast guard required
    • USAF Decryption still requires 12 coast guard


Live at 5PM Restart



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