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Doug Jumper

One Issue - One Solution

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Hi everyone, I am always wanting to improve the community in anyway possible so I am opening this thread to allow people to express one issue they have with how things are and their suggested solution. It can be anything you want.

Rules of this thread:

  • No negative reactions to peoples issues and solutions (Reaction system)
  • No arguments, only constructive comments are allowed.
  • No toxic suggestions
  • Suggestions can be anything from rule changes to SOP changes within factions.

The issue:
My solution:


The issue: Doug is mean
My solution: Doug be less mean

This thread will be open for about 12 hours then I will do another thread with the responses.

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The issue: LEO using class 3 against class 1 when it is not needed.
My solution: LEO stop using class 3 against class 1 please :)

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The issue: 125 People on the server (peak times) and hardly anyone gets reported(in my opinion they just dont get reported for breaking rules)
My solution: Give people some sort of reward for reporting rule breaks

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The Issue:  People purposely blowing up the 1 million dollar trucks to grief others and make them loose 200k per occurrence.

My Solution: Cheaper or no insurance.

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The issue - COVID-19 Pandemic, Lots of players are affected and banned on the server

The solution - Unban everyone that didn’t blow up the server, Allow them to be on 20 points for a week and if they screw up bamboozole them from the server again

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The issue: Frame lag / inconsistent fps in cities / at majors.
My solution: Remove some unnecessary sky scrapers and things that people cant access anyway, switch off of ivory cars ASAP to reduce lag, Optimize the map by reducing some of the water space on the map(or other things map devs can do), put a person cap on major crimes so that 15 people cant do one bank  which in turn causes 20 cops to show up so that we have dont have 35 people in a gun fight in a small portion of the map.

P.S: I love the server and my time ive spent on it, this is the only thing ive ever been able to complain about, and if players could receive the frames they did on 2.0 people would be extremely happy //content.invisioncic.com/o280594/emoticons/smile.png

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The issue: Everyone and their dog just join massive gangs to try to farm frags at majors or run 4-5 semi trucks of shit.  It is not conducive to roleplay, limits other social interactions and makes it hard for any smaller groups to get ahead.

My Solution:  Limit gang members to no more than 10 people.

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The issue:  Comp requests that get denied or put in review forever because not enough "proof"
My solution:  Standardize what "IS" proof for comp request besides short video as that isn't enough to convince reviewer.

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The issue: If you cant downvote/thumbs down a suggestion how are we supposed to put our input into if we think the suggestion is bad?

My solution: allow people to use the thumbs down if they disagree.

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The issue: Lack of weapons/variation within the current weapon packs

My Solution: Add SMA/RH weapons

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The issue:people like myself play a lot of hours and in DOC and police and don’t get any rewards 
My solution:make so people if they hit like 40+ hours they can transfer out or some sort of most active members get a special whitelisting for a week or something to encourage activity within all units 

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