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Server Etiquette

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Server Etiquette
This thread is not a rule set. It is an etiquette to go by and how to handle yourself in certain situations. You can not be banned for etiquette breaks but continuous etiquette breaks can be looked at by SMT. Cop applies to USCG as well. 

Civilian to Civilian interaction

  • Robbing people
    • Don't rob people doing legal activities/runs
    • When robbing people and you have a reason to do so, don't take everything they own make it so they can keep going.
  • If you're an official gang help non-official gangs/groups. Give people the great experience of ANZUS not just stop or die.
  • Gangs should roll around in numbers that reflect similar to other gangs and the cops. Gangs should not 10 man+ Zerg roll small gangs or small groups of cops.
  • Help new players, guide them on how to get places. Tell them to call you if they need a hand.
  • Roleplay with others
    • When you crash your car, act like in real life. Ask if they're ok, exchange basic details, repair one another cars and just be chill.
  • Do not initiate/rob/kill people in animation.
  • Do not intentionally prevent medics from reviving people.
  • If you rob someones run for not paying fees or another roleplay reason, only take a % of it and leave them their vehicle. It allows you to get a benefit and it will allow them to keep going and not want to just leave.
  • Don't revive people you've killed unless it was an accident. (The revive after winning a fight meta is really really poor RP)
  • Only initiate on other civilians with a purpose (e.g. they've been toxic, they have been seen in your hood. Gangs should start claiming territories.)
  • Don't rob the same person in one day.

Civilian to Cop interaction

  • Once arrested, be as respectful as you can. The officers arresting you decide your fate.
  • Do not soundboard unless you are in your own vehicle.
  • Only go to DOC for roleplay reasons
    • Reasons include being a lawyer, visitation, robbing evidence locker, coming to ask general questions. Any other reason is probably not valid.
  • Don't go after cops for no reason, only initiate/rob cops if you have been arrested and you're getting revenge.. or they've done something to wrong you.

Cop to Civilian interaction

  • Be lenient and polite with new people, if you're nice they will have a good perception of Police and are unlikely to go around killing Police for no reason.
  • Be professional at all times (Don't abuse people or be condescending either ignore them or just be chill, PROFESSIONALISM!)
  • Don't taze someone unless they have been running for 5+ minutes or if they pull a weapon during a chase. Use tackle!
  • Don't over respond to situations, basic crimes like gas stations, house robberies and pursuits should be maximum 3 vehicles if a single car.
  • Do not arrest/taze/tackle people in animation e.g. if they've crashed and they're repairing their car wait till after the repair or let them drive off to continue the chase.
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