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 Florida Life is here!

Doug Jumper


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Hi everyone! I am going to be making a youtube video of the past few months of quarantine to hopefully make light of a pretty shitty situation. Please submit all your clips (Twitch/Youtube only) and I'll select the best ones to be added to the video! If you remember any funny clips from anyone's channel including mine post them here.

Here are some of my favorite

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(Final Video is not able to be used as evidence of anything, obviously. I don't know who the people in the video are. It was sent in by an anonymous source They're probably not even real detectives.)

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oh fuck off vespyr with basically this whole thing being a sniping tage fuck off please nobody wants to see you shoot civs from 400m away with a .50 cal and AMS while we have FN30-11 with shitty scopes

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