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Doug Jumper

Kings County 3.6.1 Changelog [New farming skill, New cars and more]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yfy8roJ3BquAwcizSBEiAlhOabYVHvHi/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14JZcCae4-ycLWfOM4DU7B_-2kYj1hDFN/view?usp=sharing
Big thanks to: MrBoolean, Dillon Boyd, Oliver Ericsson, Myran Abrosa, George Matthews, Ean Wolfe, John Doe.

  • Added: New Farming Skill
    • Farming shop added to Paradise city with multiple seeds
    • Starting plant is Pumpkin
    • Plant on farms for X2 speed, plant on dirt for normal speed
  • Added: Oil Rig Robberies
    • Top floor of oil rig has a sign where you can steal refined oil and sell to oil trader.
    • You steal 1-10 refined oil which sells for $5k each
    • Takes 25-50% more than a gas station
  • Added: Twitter app on phone
    • Send messages to each other
    • Donators have special stars beside their name
  • Added: New spike strip system
    • Instead of instantly going, wheels go yellow when being spiked and make a deflate sound
    • Wheels pop after 10-30 seconds
  • Added: New job changes
    • Street Cleaner
    • Lawn Mower
    • Tow Truck job fully implemented
      • Police mark vehicles for tow
      • Take the car to DOC for a reward
    • Level 1 and Level 2 bus added
  • Added: Several new Police cars
    • Dodge Duragno
    • Mitsubishi Evo
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Range Rover SVR 17
    • Slick top dodge charger with new charger light/sirens system
  • Added: New cars
    • Hoonicorn V2 1965
    • Corvette ZR1 (Thanks to Dustin Cena for funding this)
  • Added: New HUD
  • Added: New police gloves
  • Added: Police mobile command vehicle and EMS mobile command vehicle (VPC)
  • Added: Coastguard patrol missions (Boat only)
  • Added: Highway Patrol Police Bike
  • Added: New EMS Doctor Clothing
  • Added: New Vice Faction replacing Highway Patrol, Highway Patrol is now a division of Patrol.
    • Vice are an assistant faction to special operations.
  • Added: Siren for all EMS cars
  • Added: Xray Machine to operating room for EMS
  • Added: Several Dupe Fixes
  • Added: New gang uniforms
    • Fat Tony Gang uniform added
    • Crusaders uniform added
    • Spark cap added
  • Added: New progress bar (Look and functionality)
  • Added: Different colored Wetsuits
  • Added: SDAR to USCG and Rebel
  • Added: Inventory double click suggestion
  • Added: Glasses to rebel shop
  • Added: New rolling joint and selling animations
  • Added: Ability to walk through dead bodies (Boolean is a goddev)
  • Added: Give license system
  • Changed: All vehicle tints removed
  • Changed: Removed TFR hint for outdated TFR
  • Changed: Put the old big red DOC building back
  • Changed: Several cars speeds/acceleration buffed/nerfed
  • Changed: Fuel price
  • Changed: LSD is now owned by Cartel, Weed is now owned by Mafia
  • Changed: Art gallery script re-written
  • Changed: Police charger siren
  • Changed: Several Police cars buffed to keep up with Civilian cars
  • Fixed: Shipping container mission (CG and Civilian)
  • Fixed: Tow truck no longer russian
  • Fixed: Several Police Light Bars
  • Fixed: No longer animate while eating/drinking in a vehicle
  • Fixed: Repairing perks
  • Fixed: Clothing shop error
  • Fixed: Trucking job not giving money
  • Removed: Several mod side scripts which should increase FPS
  • Removed: Advanced repelling mod


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Cool, just don't let farming be as OP, as it used to be on Vanguard.

We were Millionaires after one night.



Jaguar better not have been nerved. Smile.

Edited by Jack Wood
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On 5/31/2020 at 1:34 AM, Nick Gravy said:

Really did copy fisherman’s life with the farming and twitter 😭🤟🏿

cuz both are soooo unique to fisherman's life. you're right.

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