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Kings County 3.7 [Massive map changes, New Jewelry store, New EMS buddy system]

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Thanks to George Matthews, Doug Jumper, Tono Tono and Oliver Ericsson

Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19UmQ6UgUXefLZs4RxPA4cWy1LnK0FHds/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full):
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New major map changes
    • Most major crimes moved to different location
      • National Bank to Buffalo
      • Langdale Casino to Buffalo
      • Saltwater Bank to Paradise
      • Woodriver bank to Woodriver (Changed location)
      • Art Gallery to Langdale
      • Buffalo Casino to Cross River
      • Greenville bank to Saltwater
      • Military ship to St Georges Lake
      • Fortknox and Mint the same area, we will change these in the future
    • New trees across the entire map
    • Added a Rowan orchard north side of the map
    • Removed Airport Island and Old DOC Island
    • New LEO Training at the top of Kings County
    • Big changes to the paradise highway with multiple overpasses
    • Gang island completely redone
    • Several island changes
    • Lake wumbo name added :)
  • New Jewelry Store
    • Similar to gas station, low amount of cops required to start it and takes about 4-6 minutes to rob (without perks)
    • Script is simple for now, go to store and rob the center jewl case. We will improve this over time.
    • 10-50k reward
  • New EMS buddy system
    • EMS can now set a friend EMS as their buddy so when they revive people they both get money
    • Windows key to set buddy
    • Must be close to each other to receive buddy payout
  • New gang uniforms
    • Homies gang uniform
    • DND gang uniform
    • SFNP gang uniform
    • Nihilists gang uniform
    • Any gang uniforms/updates that were meant to be there last week
  • Acog scope added to rebel for $7000
  • Fix for uniform going invisible when switching seat(Maybe throw?)
  • Levels added upto 400
  • Tap shoulder function removed
  • Several bug and dupe fixes
  • Bottle hunter now spawned by the server and can be changed after being found without restart.
  • USCG licences such as faction donator now save



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@Loxxon Husky Why do you need someone’s name through that means? They have numbers above their head. The reason it was removed was people were doing it constantly to get names of people they didn’t have just casually not for reports, and it was causing a lot of metagaming and Fail RP problems.

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On 6/27/2020 at 9:27 PM, Jens Bruning said:

Cool :). now please reduce impound costs ;(, atleast for really expensive vehicles please... 

The worst is if people take you hostage and then you get double punished for cops impouding your vehicle.

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14 hours ago, Boris Sikorski said:

The worst is if people take you hostage and then you get double punished for cops impouding your vehicle.

yup, that's just one of many situations where the impound system kinda fucks u over when it really shouldnt.

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