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 Florida Life is here!

Doug Jumper

[EVENT] Faction Wars - Saturday 10PM BST

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Hi everyone, I am proud to announce faction wars!

Faction wars is a 31v31v31v31 tournament with all the factions. Civilian/Rebel, United States Coastguard, Cop and Medic, It is all out war.

Two people from each official gang will be chosen to represent the civilians. The faction/gang leads and liaisons will be the captains of each team and decide who is representing their faction.

Team Rebel:
Leader - Dylan Rodgers
Leader - George Cown

Team KSCO:
Leader - Paul Phantom
Leader - Kain Mccloud

Team USCG:
Leader - Dillon Boyd
Leader - Nick Boyd

Team Medic:
Leader - Casey Gallo
Leader - Lincoln Williams

The full roster of who is attending will be posted closer to the date.

It will be at 10PM BST, I suggest using this time converter for your time: 


It will be streamed exclusively on https://www.twitch.tv/doug_jumper with a delay (This does mean other people will not be able to stream it)

Gang wars will not be next weekend, faction wars will be in place of it.


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1 hour ago, Mort Higgins said:

Hmm, sounds interesting. I don't think anything like this has happened before. Will there be limits on equipment?

Everyone will be required to use rebel gear.

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4 hours ago, Brady Warhorse said:

Uhhh. 2 things. What if the medics win? And is there 31 medics?

What do you mean what if the medics win? and there is enough medics.

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Well I mean. They aren’t here to kill people. They are only good at 3 things. Role play, pressing F, and driving/flying. Now unless they are resident sleepers of gunplay... Let’s say it will be fun to watch

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