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 Florida Life is here!

Doug Jumper

Having Errors? Check this post.

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We will try and keep this updated with as many errors and error fixes as possible!

Game Crashes

Error: Data file too short 'H:Steam\Steamapps\common\ARMA 3\@ANZUSGaming Florida Life\addons\PBONAME.pbo'
Solution: Enter the addons folder inside of your modpack folder and delete the PBO in question then resync/check addons in Arma 3 Sync or unpack the PBO from the .zip file)

Solution This error code is vague, but it helps to have your game in full screen windowed mode rather than standard full screen mode.

Unable to Join Server

Error: Session lost - Verifying PBO Failed:
Solution: This means you have a PBO loaded that is not supported on the server, this could mean you need to update your modpack or resync your Arma 3 Sync, or it means you could have loaded the incorrect mods. Make sure you have only loaded the @ANZUSGaming Florida Life modpack, you do not need any other mods loaded.

Error: Wrong Signature File
Solution: If you get this when joining the server, check your mods on Arma 3 Sync and ensure they are fully up to date, make sure you are not loading anything other than the Florida Life Modpack, if this does not fix it you can attempt at deleting the file in question and its corresponding .bisign file and redownloading them via Arma3Sync.

Error: Battleye: Game Restart Required
Solution: Make sure you are launching with the default Arma3Launcher and not Arma3Sync, this is the launcher that starts when you run the game with steam. If you are using the default launcher already then go to the BattlEye tab and ensure that BattlEye is enabled and running correctly.

Error: Session lost - File '@ANZUSGaming Floria Life/Addons/PBOName.pbo' not found
Solution: If the PBO in question starts with an A and would be at the top if sorted alphabetically, it means you don't have any mods loaded and you need to load the ANZUS Florida Life modpack. If you have the Florida Life Modpack loaded then make sure that you update your mods by checking on Arma3Sync or searching for a recent changelog update link.

Task Force Radio (TFR/TFAR) Issues

Error: Not being moved into the correct teamspeak channel with seemingly no error
Solution: There are many causes to this so I will try to cover as many as possible.
- Make sure you are launching your game with the default steam loaded Arma3Launcher and not Arma3Sync.
- Try running TeamSpeak as Administrator
- Make sure you do not have two TeamSpeak3 windows open
- Something that we've often noticed is that the TeamSpeak addons menu is confusing and people will often think the disabled button is a disable button, thinking that their mod is enabled, double check to make sure the button for TFAR says Enabled in the TeamSpeak addons menu.

Error: Permissions error when joining the server or reloading TFAR
Solution: Make sure you have TeamSpeak Tags, if you don't have tags go to Requesting Tags on TeamSpeak and they can help you.

In Game Issues

Error: Windows Key/Interaction Key not working
Solution: Some keyboards have special 'game modes' these are usually in gaming keyboards, google your keyboard model and make sure it does not have a gaming mode and figure out how to disable it if it does, game mode will usually be indicated by a light on your keyboard and it will be a simply keybind to disable it. If this does not work see the below error.

Error: I don't have a windows key
Solution: You can go into your arma 3 controls and go to custom controls and rebind Use Action 10 and it will rebind your interaction key to whatever you set Use Action 10 to.

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