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Doug Jumper

Having Errors? Check this post.

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Myself and the staff team will actively update this post with common errors.

Error: Session lost - Verifying PBO failed: @ANZUSGaming Kings County\addons\PBONAME.pbo

Solution: You only need to load the @ANZUSGaming Kings County mod pack, you do not need any other mods loaded.
Error: Data file too short 'H:Steam\Steamapps\common\ARMA 3\@ANZUSGaming Kings County\addons\PBONAME.pbo' Expected -865712561 B, got 15087313 B
Solution: Delete this PBO and either re-extract the file from the .rar/.zip file or re-sync/check addons in ARMA 3 Sync. (Note there maybe multiple pbos with this problem so we suggest you delete the PBO file and try reopen your game to see if other PBO files have the same issue.
Solution: Play on fullscreen windowed mode
Error: Wrong signature file for X
Solution: If this is when you're joining the server, sync your ARMA 3 sync or update to the most recent Kings County update. If this is while you're on the server it is either lag on the server or a connection issue on your side.
Error: Battleye: Game restart required
Solution: Make sure Battleye is on in the launcher, if it is verify your game files.
Error: Session lost - File '@ANZUSGaming Kings County/addons/PBOName.pbo' not found.
Soution: Either you need to update your mods or you don't have any mods loaded.


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