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Doug Jumper

Looking for Official ANZUSGaming Streamers

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 Hello everyone! We are looking for some official ANZUS streamers who stream consistently and show the community to the world in a positive manner.

ANZUS Twitch Team: https://www.twitch.tv/team/anzus

  • Join the ANZUS Twitch Team
    • This will be advertised at the top of our website and people will click on it and see which official streamers are live.
  • Content Creator tag on discord which puts you high up so people can see your stream
  • Every 100 hours streamed on ANZUS you get to give away 2 month reserved slots for free.
  • Free Deathcam in-game
  • Instant access to beta testing for future projects
  • Ability to redeem 1 week reserved slot every month, for yourself or a friend.

What we expect from you

  • Consistent streams on ANZUSGaming
  • Loyalty to ANZUSGaming
  • !ANZUS or similar command in your title and commands
  • ANZUSGaming in your dashboard


  • Must be a current active streamer
  • Must not be in a toxic group/gang
  • Must be 16+



Stream link: (Please display as a link and not embed the video)
Hours able to stream per week:
Previous ANZUS vods: (Please display as a link and not embed the video)

Tips to be accepted

  • Stream actively before you apply, we will not be accepting anyone who is not actively streaming ANZUS
  • Have a nicely laid out stream dashboard
  • Not be a known rule breaker
  • Like 2
  • Thanks 1
  • hi 1
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Name: Adam stewart
Stream link: (Please display as a link and not embed the video) https://www.twitch.tv/1adam_stewart
Discord: thedoc#2763
Hours able to stream per week: all the time I play somewhat 24/7 when I am on I stream I have 147 hours in the past two weeks so that much I guess 
Previous ANZUS vods: (Please display as a link and not embed the video)

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Name: Jack Specter
Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/jackspecs
Discord: Jack Specs#4570
Hours able to stream per week: I play Anzus Daily but only really get peace and quiet around my house at 7pm to 9pm so ill be able to stream properly within those hours.
Previous ANZUS vods: 

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