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The Purge

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Starting: 6PM GMT restart today.

A civil war has broken out, the source being central King's County regions, armed militias and criminal factions have taken the law into their own hands and a full kill on sight zone has been instated into the central King's County region. The US Army has been deployed alongside law enforcement partners to tackle the uprising however initial efforts have failed, leaving military equipment and materiel scattered around the region, making the job only harder for the soldiers. Imports of rebel supplies such as RPG's and rifles have drastically increased as foreign powers try to stoke the flames of warfare. Armoured MRAP's are seen on patrol and rebel vehicles such as armed technicals have been sighted, armed military aircraft have been stolen from the corrections island after a failed attempt at establishing a forward operating base. The fate of the Island is now in the hands of the soldiers and the citizens.


  • Police Operating Procedures are null, the only police rules that apply are no blue on blue and no giving out gear. the US Army and the KCSO should be the good guys in this situation, however when it comes to rebels, show no mercy, purge them from our lands.
  • Major Crime rules do not apply to Major Crimes in the KOS region, any civilian and BLUFOR may respond with full force and KOS applies. The payouts of all crimes has drastically increased.
  • An armed dauphin will spawn every few hours at DOC so long as the helipads are not bocked, both BLUFOR and civs alike can try and steal this but it is not announced when it is spawned, so holding DOC could be an approach for BLUFOR or for Civs, DOC will not be manned as usual.
  • There are military compounds, abandoned, throughout the KOS regions, these compounds contain equipment that civilians and BLUFOR alike can steal. This equipment is unique to these locations and only has a 50 percent chance of appearing each restart. It will be easy to learn what spawns where.
  • USCG(US Army)/KCSO will be mainly using MRAP's whereas civilians will be sticking to usual cars unless they get their hands on an MRAP or decide to splash the cash and buy one.
  • Money is not immediatly spawned in for all parties, to get money, civilians can utilize the unstable environment to steal stuff from stores (which have drastically increased payouts) or do other crime, all of which have a drastically increased payout, to fund their uprising. They can also steal weapons if they'd rather take that approach.
  • There is much more changed so have a browse things which stand out to you and take a look at our planned events below:

Planned Events:
SMT/DEV vs EVERYONE (Terrorist event)
Full server major crimes
Gang wars with Tanks, RPGS, Suicide Vests and Grenades
Pawnee Wars
Tank Wars
and more!

Purge will last anywhere from 3 days to a week.

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3 minutes ago, Stewie Louie said:

Wait so we don't immediatly get 100 mil :"(

Not straight away, after the trailer we will go full purge, kos, chaos.

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