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Doug Jumper

Server Rules

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Los Diablos Roleplay Server Rules
Read all of the rules carefully. Claiming ignorance of these rules is not allowed and will result in at least a 24-hour ban. 

Section 1 - General Server Rules
1.0 - Use common sense. 
1.1 - You may not sell in-game items for out of game services/money. This is classed as Real World Trading and is against the rules.
1.2 - Rules are made to be followed correctly; abusing loopholes within the rules will result in punishment.
1.3 - Roleplay that violates the Twitch Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct is strictly prohibited. 
1.4 - Leaking direct messages from staff members is a serious misconduct and is a permeant ban.
1.6 - Inciting drama or fueling drama within the community to create a hostile environment is not tolerated on any ANZUSGaming platform. 
1.7 - Eating/Drinking/Vaping on microphone is not allowed. If someone is excessively doing this after being asked to stop, It will be considered a RP reason to initiate and you can take matters in your own hands.
1.8 - You may not exploit, cheat, abuse, dupe or use anything that can be classed as giving you an advantage unfairly, this can result in a permenant ban and does include third party cross-hairs, recoil scripts, wallpeaking, lag switching etc. This includes abusing developer error such as overpowered weapons, runs, standing on trees or other things that you would not logically be able to stand on, etc.
1.9 - You may not take staff matters or matters of rule breaks into your own hands, staff are the only ones to handle this and make appropriate judgments, as a regular player you should proceed to support and wait for a separate member of staff, or make a player report to report rule-breaks after the fact.
1.10 - Dropping any sort of unique/donator items to other people that are not donator or did not purchase the item is not permitted.
1.11 - You must have a crystal clear microphone to play on the server.
1.12 - You can not sell unique vehicles to other players.
1.13 - If you are going to AFK for anymore than 5 minutes you MUST go to lobby, if you are afk for more than 15 minutes you must fully log off the server. Breaking this is considered major exploiting and can result in an account wipe.
1.14 - If you are in the Mafia casino and you are asked your age, you must reply with your real legal age. Gambling if you're under 18 is an instant permeant ban and lying about your age is also an instant permeant ban. Casino workers are advised to deny anyone that sounds under 18 even if they say they're 18. If that person wants to protest it they can contact Doug on discord to prove their age.

Section 2 - Roleplay Rules
2.0 - Your first action in any disagreement should always be to try to roleplay it out. If that doesn’t work and you have a problem with another player, handle it privately, rather than having an open argument on the radio/in chat in the game or in a public forum like Discord or Twitch. If the player has broken a rule, file a report.
2.1 - Roleplaying is the main ambition of ANZUS. You must always remain in character, out of character matters such as support, the server in general, discord or other non-realistic events cannot be brought up in-game. You must be in TeamSpeak at all times unmuted, the only exception is while in support rooms.
2.2 - You must have a valid roleplay reason to interact with police (e.g. doing a crime, traffic stop). If police attempt to pull you over you must pull over unless you have committed a crime/know you're wanted. (If you have illegal items in the car you must stop and you must not flee unless Police indicate they're aware you have illegal items). Following police/baiting police into situations is not allowed. This includes going to DOC to DOC without a reason, if you go to DOC without a reason during DOC lockdown(alarm going off) that is a maximum point punishment. 
2.21 – If you are being stopped for an offence that would not result in an arrest then you made not evade or initiate on Police. You should comply with the traffic stop and try to roleplay your way out of the ticket to your best ability. (Remember, Police cannot search for no reason)
2.3 - Soundboards can be used in role-play but it can not interrupt role-play only if you're in a vehicle to play music but the volume must not be obnoxiously loud.
2.4 - Do not grief others. Griefing is the act of intentionally angering or irritating another player with malicious intent. Example: Consistently stalking a player to force interaction or robbing someone continuously or robbing someone who is in a shop.
2.5 - Logging off to avoid roleplay is classed as combat logging, this includes logging off while dead, logging off while in hand-cuffs and logging off during situations this is not allowed and is heavily punished. When logging off the server make sure you're hidden from sight to make sure you don't ruin immersion.
2.6 - Referencing your second character within roleplay is not permitted in anyway (Pen-pal, cousin etc). If you breach this you will receive points, if you breach it a second time you will be banned from double life.
2.7 - Metagaming is not allowed, you cannot know or act on any information that your character hasn’t directly learned through roleplay. Any information obtained from a third party/not in-game is not able to be used in roleplay. (This includes not using discord while in-game and not stream sniping streamers)
2.8 - You may not return to any situation you have already died in regardless of the time or location.
2.9 - If you die or do not attempt to defend at mobster or cartel you can not return for 45 minutes. (Applies to entire gang)
2.10 - Los Diablos City is a roleplay zone meaning you can not kill, rob , take hostage or steal from other players, combat is allowed in a roleplay zone but there must be a roleplay reason (e.g. gas station/pursuit between civilian and police) The city limits are defined by the faint blue grid on the map. 
2.11 - All zones that are green checkered the map are safe zones, including hospitals, clinics, fire stations, and 10m from an ATM in city limits. (This does NOT include cartel and mafia base).  Inside of a Safe Zone you may not commit crime, initiate on people, harm people, steal vehicles or do any form of negative action. If people do this do not take it into your own hands or you will also be punished, just report them.
2.14 - Using job vehicles for anything but jobs is Fail RP and is not allowed. 
2.15 - You may not pull someone out of a moving vehicle, you may not restrain or escort someone while they are further away than arm's length. 
2.16 - You may not harm players in anyway in a safezone. You can not flee into them to avoid roleplay/combat, nor camp outside safe-zones waiting for someone to leave to follow/rob/kill them.
2.17 - You may not force someone to take money out of their bank account, give house keys or unlocking house stash. 
2.18 - Capture zones are KOS at all times regardless of color (Green, Orange, White, Red, etc.) You may not shoot into a redzone from outside or out from inside without prior initiation. (Mobster base and cartel are NOT capture zones they are gang hideouts)
2.19 - Entering combat with someone within a redzone creates initiation however you must be within the zone to shoot.  (Standard initiation rules apply once the zone is gone.)
2.20 - Being gang affiliated with anyone in the zone creates one-way initiation between everyone in the zone and you. You can be shot from inside the zone if your gang members are in the zone and you are in the immediate vicinity (driving around, on the hills, zone-baiting) but you cannot shoot in from outside of the zone.
2.20.1 - You may not bait people into zones (This includes Safezones, KOS zones, Capture zones, etc)
2.21 - You may not interfere with another groups roleplay. (Eg if cops are conducting a traffic stop another group may not pull up and initiate on them.) This includes lying to medics saying its not code 4 so people don't get revived.
2.22 -  You may not intentionally destroy another persons vehicle, this includes but is not limited to ramming, Driving into the water, under a bar gate etc. (The only exception to this if an ex-gang member who still has the car of his ex-gang and the gang want to roleplay removing it off him e.g. ex-HMT member has the HMT Range Rover and HMT destroy it in RP so he stops using it)
2.23 - Intentionally S-1ing someone creates 1 way initiation. (Person that was S-1ed is initiated on the person that S-1ed only)
2.24 - You may not harm the negotiator during negotiations in any form. When negotiations have started no more hostages can be taken. 
2.25 - If you are mafia and cartel and you own the base you can not rob the respective runs that make money to your group.
2.26 - Purposely attempting to ruin someone’s roleplay situations to try and be funny, edgy or for any other reason is not tolerated and may be classed as Fail RP.
2.27 - Jumping out of moving vehicles/helicopters at unrealistic height & speed will be classed as Fail RP as you would not survive these falls without the script.  (This includes jumping from a high location abusing the fall damage script)
2.28 - Cop/CG baiting is not allowed, Cop baiting is defined as intentionally messing with or trolling police in order to provoke a response such as initiation, car chases, etc.
2.29 - DOC is not public grounds, the whole DOC island and the DOC bridge is private property. DOC must still allow civilians into DOC when acting lawfully. (such as roleplaying as a lawyer at the gate of DOC). Any unauthorized aircraft landings (helicopter must touch down within DOC property) at DOC are code red, which means initiation is not needed by LEO. You must be on whisper in the DOC processing rooms & when being processed at PD. 
2.30 - You can not SHIFT + G after a gun fight has started (This means there have to be shots exchanged between the parties.)
2.31 - You/your group may not commit any deliberate hostile actions against the same person more than once every 60 minutes. You/your group must not commit any deliberate hostile actions against the same group more than once every 30 minutes.
2.32 - There should be a roleplay reason behind any hostile roleplay. More constant hostile roleplay will require stronger reasons (You cannot constantly commit hostile roleplay in the same location or against the same people without a good reason).
2.33 - After a robbery/crime is complete, you MUST attempt to evade. If there is no possible way to evade (i.e. police blocking all entrances) then you can either attempt to negotiate your way out OR engage on officers creating yourself a path to evade. When committing crime, your main goal is to evade the police and only kill if necessary. You may not sit around the robbery and wait for police to shoot them.
2.33 - Spamming the elevator doors at Fort Knox is classed as Fail RP, once the door closes you must wait at least 10 seconds before calling it again. 
2.34 - You may not rob/harm or prevent medics from doing their job.  If a medic is combat reviving and they have been given a warning about it and continue to combat revive them may be given warning shots then shot if they continue to combat revive.
2.35 - DOJ is to be considered "Strict RP" while court is in session, soon to start, or just finished.  This means that you must have a GREAT RP reason to initiate or interfere with it.
2.36 -  You cannot attempt to S1 a vehicle significantly larger than your own vehicle, it is Fail RP (ex. S1ing a large truck with a standard police vehicle). Transport truck is an exception to this and may be S1ed by any vehicle regardless of size.
2.37 - You may not shoot through windows, walls, or doors at major crime locations however all others that are not bulletproof you may shoot through. (Tech lab is the exception to this and the windows may be shot through)
2.38 - You may not change your clothing while in initiation, during an active situation, or in order to avoid or escape RP. You may not change into gang/group clothing if the gang is in initiation or going to enter combat/initiate in the nearby area, in order to join them.
2.39 - Placeable barriers must not block entrance ways or be used in any other way to obtain an unfair advantage.
2.40 - You may not impound vehicles during active situations unless the vehicle is blocking an entry point.
2.41 - If negotiations take place and are called off, initiation is required. All parties must wait 10 seconds before shooting unless specified otherwise in the server rules. 
2.42 - Intentionally Ramming/Desync ramming the Train is an instant permeant ban.
2.43 - Driving your vehicles in an unrealistic manner (e.g. Driving a truck off-road through the forest or Driving crazy speeds abusing the fact you don't die when you crash) is fail roleplay.
2.44 - Any video that is within view of the cameras located at DOC, or within the DOC Processing/Internal building, can be used within Roleplay and doesn't require a Go-Pro or Wire. If the situation occurs within 20 metres from a camera (camera still must be able to see the situation), then audio and video can be used. However if not within 20 metres but still within view, then the audio cannot be used. (You must be able to point out a camera in the video/prove that the camera can see the situation if requested). 
2.45 - Aurora Laboratory is not considered a major crime, and anyone internal of the Laboratory is considered KOS. Third party is permitted at the Aurora Lab. 
2.46 - Attempting to communicate to a downed player with any form of toxicity is not permitted. (This includes saying EZ FRAGS after getting kills. Any form of bragging after winning a situation is included in this rule.)

Section 3 - Initiation Rules
3.0 - You must not initiate on someone without a valid roleplay reason, unless you are in the north part of the map and the person you are initiated on has rebel clothing on (must be wearing a vest or more). North is clearly defined by anything North of the the small canal coastguard base is in.
3.1 - When initiating on someone you must verbally initiate, provide a demand and a consequence - the consequence must result in death or injury. The person initiating must have a visible weapon to initiate. The terminology "hands up or die" is not valid.
3.2 - You may only kill someone without prior verbal initiation if one of the following is true

  • You or someone in your group with the same uniform and vest (meaning prisoner uniforms do not count) have been initiated on and you were within 1000m during the initiation.
  • You're within 1000m of one of your gang/faction members initiation.
  • Someone else in your group with the same uniform as you has already initiated.
  • The person has knocked out yourself or a group member maliciously.
  • The person initiated on is in your faction and they have definitive indicators that they're in your faction (e.g. Police/USCG writing on their clothing)
  • They have stolen your vehicle and you were 5 meters from the vehicle.
  • You have attempted to call them on air frequency (60.3) at least 3 times and told them they will be shot down (LDSO/USCG only) (Major cities, Prison and Airports only)
  • You have attempted to call them on maritime frequency (60.2) at least 3 times and told them a consequence (LDSO/USCG only) (Applies to crew of vessel only)
  • It is martial law and a civilian/rebel has an unholstered class 3 within city limits. (Law Enforcement Only)
  • The civilian/rebel has a class 3 unholstered within 100 meters of DOC walls
  • The civilian/rebel has a class 3 unholstered within 25 meters of USCG Base.
  • You are USCG/Sheriff's Office and a USCG/Sheriff's Office member is initiated with someone and their life is at risk.
  • Wearing sort of terroristic clothing or equipment (KOS by Law Enforcement only)
  • You are a whitelisted civilian and other civilians are involved in the roleplay with the other whitelisted faction (e.g. if the Reaper gang are laundering their money at the nightclub and the gangsters shoot it up, the gangsters can shoot anyone who is outside the club if the roleplay validates it)
  • Its Law Enforcement and they're on your property raiding your house.

3.3 - It is the initiators responsibility that their initiation is audible. (Recommended to not initiate on someone going over 80km/h)
3.4 - You must be initiated or being initiated on to be allowed to knock out, zip-tie or handcuff someone. You may only do this without prior initiation if one of the following are true.

  • It is after a situation and police are arresting suspects that they or a medic revived.
  • Consent is given (Ex. Law Enforcement has asked someone to place their hands behind on their head during a traffic stop and they comply).

3.5 - If police attempt to S1 your vehicle during a pursuit this is initiation for both parties as long as they're in a police vehicle with lights and sirens.
3.6 - If you call out that you're initiated to your gang/faction members and the initiation is not valid you are responsible. 
3.7 - You must be in an active pursuit of a vehicle to spike it. (Active pursuit is defined as chasing at an audible distance with lights and sirens for 15 seconds or more.) (Transport truck does not count and can be spiked at anytime by anyone)
3.8 - Initiations that are confusing (Such as say A B C backwards, speak or die, don't look etc.) are not permitted and will be classed as fail initiation and is not allowed.
3.9 - You must give the victim 8 seconds to comply with your demands, unless they have a clear change in behaviour such as start running away or reach for their firearm.
3.10 - After 10 minutes of the final shot being fired the initiation is no longer valid and all parties must re-initiate to re-engage in combat.
3.11 - Smashing go-pros is the action of removing video evidence from being admissible in court/ACU or in character. To smash a go-pro, the individual has to be restrained/tied up. (Note you do not have to stop recording but the footage is void. This does not apply to rulebreaks)
3.12 - Civilians may only deliberately ram other vehicles while in initiation. If rammed on (Or ran over) purpose outside initiation you may retaliate, creating an initiation. You must be able to prove its on purpose otherwise it's classed as RDM. 
3.13 – You may not initiate, rob, harm, detain or other use forms of violence against someone you have ran over outside of initiation you must leave the area and continue as normal. If someone is run over by you or a non-involved party during an initiation, you may not harm them until they are up on their feet or 10 seconds has passed.
3.14 - Initiation must be made in person NOT over the phone or via text.  (Maritime Freq/Air Freq AST/USCG initiation is the exception to this rule.)
3.15 - If no consequence is given during an initiation and the party that was initiated on shoots the party initiating it is not classed as RDM as long as the initiating party had a visible weapon and intended to do harm with it.  
3.16 - Spike stripping a vehicle creates one way initiation (Vehicle is initiated on the person that spiked them only).
3.17 - You do not need the same clothing at minor/major crimes if everyone is internal. If you have any externals all parties must be in the same uniform. (This does not include using police clothing)
3.18 - No more than 8 civilians can be included in initiation and a maximum of 16 LEO. 

Section 4 - Value of life Rules
4.0 - You must always value your life as though it was real life, you must actively attempt to avoid death by either complying or avoiding situations. You will be considered in breach of VLR if you take actions which have no reasonable chances of survival (unless your actions are your only chance for survival).
4.1 - As a Law Enforcement Officer you must value the lives of all innocent civilians, if your actions will result in a civilian death you should take steps to avoid this. If Police need to use lethal force to protect a civilian it will not be classed as RDM. This rule mainly focuses on protecting unarmed civilians or civilians with class 1's being attacked by groups of class 3's if there is a gang fight cops need to initiate to get involved.
4.2 - You can not ride on a moving car and shoot, you must attempt to jump off if safe or if not safe roleplay like you would be on a car in real life (Screaming hysterically)
4.3 - If there is a weapon pointed directly at you by someone and you do not have a weapon in your hand you must comply and you may not pull a firearm. (This applies to civilians and police. SOPs that state police may not shoot do not void this rule) (This only applies at a reasonable distance based on the weapon being used. Walls, vehicles, other cover and pointing a weapon away all mean this rule does not apply however 4.0 still applies)
4.4 - It is Fail RP to commence hostile roleplay where you have low prospects of survival, unless it is your only way out of a bad situation. (Such as robbing multiple fully geared people with no gear)
4.5 - You may only kill someone complying with your demands if the roleplay story brings it there. (Note: you must have a substantial reason to do so.)

Section 5 - Law Enforcement Officer Rules (USCG equivalent included)
5.1 - Police Sergeants+ and Special Operations can not hold a rank within a faction on other communities.
5.2 - Selling police equipment or weapons is not allowed at all, all current spec-ops members and major+ can not execute people (this includes Spec Ops/Major being involved in executions). (the only exception is if the CID (not including ACU) roleplay fits.) (Breaking this is a 1 month ban + blacklist from cop minimum) - Receiving guns/equipment through corruption is the same punishment.
5.3 - Police must call the fire rescue to revive anyone they've shot and incapacitated, police must use stabilizers to keep them alive. If there is no response from the Fire Department on frequency or the Fire Rescue say they can not come on duty. Police may take two attempts to revive the suspect if they fail they must leave the scene as if the person was dead and no longer there.
5.4 - Police may not disconnect after a major crime is started until 5 minutes after the major crime is over.
5.5 - Department of Corrections property is defined as 100 meters from the external walls.
5.6 - Police must respond to situations with fair/proportionate numbers. If police arrive on scene and there is one person or a small group doing it they should tell other units to not respond.
5.7 - Anyone surpassing the rank of Sergeant is required to be over the age of 16. Exceptions CANNOT be made to this rule. 
5.8 - Faction and civ names must be unique from each other with more than only a few letters difference. (Eg. Steve Snow & Steven Snow is not acceptable).
5.9 - Police may take the shot on civilians who have a hostage at a major crime, however this is restricted to internal police procedures. 
5.10 - All hostages are to be treated as real, if its an obvious fake hostage the negotiator is required to report it. Using a fake hostage is a serious rule break and will most likely result in a de-whitelist from the server. 
5.11 - You cannot send video of police misconduct/SOP breaks without a gopro or wire to CGIS/ACU/Command. You can make a report however you cannot provide any evidence within the report, this is classed as Fail RP. 

Section 6 - Vehicle Deathmatch
6.1 - You may not use your vehicle as a weapon (against people or vehicles) unless the person you are using it against is threatening your life (e.g. initiating on you/shooting at you.)
6.2 - If you accidentally have a vehicle collision with another vehicle you can not initiate on them, you must roleplay out a vehicle collision and exchange insurance information. If you were previously initiated you may shoot.
6.3 - Transport Truck can be rammed at all times by civilians, cops must wait 2 minutes to ram the vehicle and should try to spike it first. (Medic transport and Boat transport can NOT be rammed.)

Section 7 - Major Crime
7.1 - When civilians hit off major crimes, they must text police with what they're wearing/what gang they're in, how many people they have, the class of weapons and if they intend to negotiate (They have 30 seconds to do this or the cops can respond with full numbers. You cannot lie in the text message about numbers/externals etc)
7.1.1 - If intent to negotiate is not declared/people robbing the major crime declare they don't want to negotiate, then it's 500m KOS from the map marker of the major crime. Any externals must be wearing the same clothing as the people internal otherwise anyone involved in the major crime must be internal. If negotiations are declared then Law Enforcement must negotiate, in which calling off negotiations creates standard initiation. After the first shots have been fired normal initiation of 1000m will be in place.
7.1.2 - Externals must be within 750 metres of the major crime, if a civilian is not 750 metres from the major crime when the major starts they can not join in. 
7.2 - If you have a hostage at the major crime cops must respond as normal and negotiate with the hostage takers. If you have a hostage at a major crime and the hostage is shot, cops can open fire instantaneously, voiding rule 2.41 Civilians must wait 5 seconds after killing a hostage to shoot. 
7.3 - Cops must respond with X amount of police compared to rebels (X is defined by response numbers below). Spec-ops take priority to match the civilian numbers then its the closest LEO to the situation. 
7.4 - You can not interfere with a major crime if you are not involved.
7.5 - Civilians cannot have more than 8 people robbing a major crime at a time. A maximum of 2 barriers can be used. Civilian/Rebels cannot out number cops/USCG, it must be a minimum of 1:1. 
7.6 - Once shots are fired at the major crime you may not attend if you are not on the server/if you disconnect.
7.7 - USCG can be called to majors but SGT+ ONLY if the gang is breaking the outnumber cops rule. 
7.8 - Major Crimes can only be started 30 minutes after the last major crime has concluded. Major Crimes cannot be started 30 minutes after restart and 30 minutes before restart. (An exception to this is when coastguard only majors go off and police are already at a major or vice versa)
7.12 - Police may not breach a major or land/drop people off on the roof of a major during negotiations and must wait 10 seconds after negotiations are called off to breach/land (Does not apply to Mil Ship/Cargo Ship as they must land in order to negotiate).  This may be voided if the hostage is killed by the hostage takers. 
7.14 - If you do a DOC major just before restart civilians must push out when the 10 minute warning till restart announcement appears.
7.15 - If Law Enforcement take the shot on a suspect with a hostage, then civilians involved in the situation may fire upon police as soon as the shot has been fired.
7.17 - If a major is active and another major goes off, that major can only be called off if less than 1:1.5 can respond initially. This is deemed by the highest ranking cop online.
7.19 - The following crimes are considered major crimes, response numbers given for selected majors:

  • Fort Knox +15 
  • National Bank +5
  • Commonwealth Bank Robbery +4
  • Seized Weapons Robbery/Prison Break/Prison Attack (classed as same thing): USCG can only if AST are outnumbered. USCG can respond to Seized Weapons Robbery without being outnumbered. 
  • Military Boat Data Breach/Oil Rig Robbery/Cargo ship +8 (USCG and AST if not enough available) (MILSHIP IS NOT KOS AND IS EXEMPT FROM 7.1.1 AND YOU MUST NEGOTIATE) 
  • Art Gallery Robbery +4
  • Hostage Situation where the Police are negotiating (Outside of major crimes, Hostages used at prison/evidence locker is 1 major crime not 2 separate ones)
  • Attack on the Governors Life 
  • Silver Rush Casino +6
  • Labratory +6
  • Avonpond Casino Robbery +8
  • Kings Peaks Macarthur Mint +7
  • Car Dealership Robbery +4
  • Governor Withdraw at the Capitol
    • Any Civilians can respond, civilians must initiate to engage on the Police or other interested gangs. Any cops can respond, cops must initiate on civilians before engaging. The governor cannot be killed by civilians unless he is armed, if he is unarmed he is to be robbed. The governor is required to inform police of his intention to withdraw at least 15 minutes prior to allow for preparations. 
  • Embassy +10 (AST & USCG)
  • Midland Bank +5
  • Boat Shop +5

Section 8 - Whitelisted Civilian Faction 
8.1 - All Whitelisted Civilian faction members must be 16+ to join. Exceptions to this rule cannot be made. 
8.2 - Telling people about the whitelisted civilians (mafia/gangsters) when you don't know it yourself in roleplay is now classed as major fail roleplay especially when people are snitching to cops with no knowledge of it in roleplay.
8.3 - Going up to whitelisted civilians (mafia gangsters) and knowing that they are that faction without the roleplay to back it up is also fail RP.
8.4 - Any duping/bug abuse or major exploiting done by a whitelisted member is an instant permeant ban.
8.5 - Whitelisted civilians do not need to initiate on each other but they should only engage in combat when the roleplay story brings it there.

Section 9 - Medical/Life Rules
9.1 - When you are revived you are in medical custody, you must comply with the fire rescue/medic and pretend to be hurt., you must act as such and not run away. This includes not talking/arguing with the cop/person(s) who killed you.
9.1.1 – If you are incapacitated you don't remember key details about anyone that was involved in your incapacitation in the situations directly prior. There is no time requirement, including up to the point you were lured, captured or brought to the point of your incapacitation. You may remember small details – make/model/color of the vehicle that drove you, and what someone was wearing, their build and gender, if applicable, and the why and how – what the reason was and where it was done, but not who did it. IE. Harvey Armstrong takes you to the SP cave and kills you for snitching on him for stealing Steve Snows snags. You remember someone threw you off the dam for snitching.
9.1.2 – You may not return to collect your items/vehicle if you were downed and bled out, you may return if you died due to natural causes.
9.1.3 - If you are revived you may not return to/become involved in the same combat situation you were involved in. (you may return to the RP situation once combat is over) unless police arrest you or attempt to arrest you, or somebody tried to rob you after reviving you. Being shot at because you have returned to the area does not allow you to become involved again.
9.2 - Fire rescue/medics must be neutral at all times, they can not favor any side in situations. (In court cases this is void but medics are required to tell the truth)
9.3 - Volunteer EMS/FD from the State Troopers/Coast Guard are the same character as their Police Character and therefore can be accountable for their actions on their EMS/FD character.  
9.4 - You CANNOT CPR someone just to rob them.
9.5 - You may not revive people during a combat situation, you must wait at least 3 minutes after the last shot, or must wait for the winning party to declare Code 4. If it is a major crime you can not revive until you're 100% sure no more cops will respond or all civilians are dead.

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