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Andrew Scott

Memo: Payment Request Guidance

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Memo: Payment Request Guidance

Payment requests can be submitted by any individual however it will not be approved or actioned unless all of the below are true:

  • The money you are requesting falls within the purview of the most UpToDate appropriation bill (linked as most recent reply on this thread) 
  • Someone who is at or above the “Authorising Rank” is ready to approve your request. This can be done by replying to this thread.
    • If you are already at or above the “Authorising Rank” rank you will need to have someone else approve. Unless you are the “Responsible Person” for the budget.
  • Sufficient Evidence has been provided to back up the amount of the request.
    • You could be asked to provide additional evidence if requested by the Department of Revenue Commissioner.

Once the Commissioner of the Department of Revenue is satisfied with all of the above, they will approve the request.

However, there may be some times where the request is declined, such as:

  • Insufficient reserves in the national bank
  • Insufficient funds in the budget you are requesting from
  • Insufficient/Inadequate evidence provided
  • Requests falls out width the scope of the budget you are requesting it from.
    • Most cases Commissioner will advise.

Please note:
Requests under $30,000 will incur a $1,000 processing fee, that will be paid to the Dept of Revenue. 
Requests can be stacked to overcome the above charge.
The “Responsible Person” for a budget can “veto” any request made from their budget.

Now your request is ready to be actioned and receive the cash. 
We aim to get the cash in your hands as soon as possible however a number of factors can contribute.
The people who can give you the money are as follows:

  • Deputy Commissioner+ of any department
  • Governor
  • Chief of Staff
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Judicial Command (Chief Judge+)
  • Attorney General
  • Deputy Attorney General

Best way is to try and arrange a time to meet up in game with one of the above or drop them a message/call them if you happen to spot them ingame.



Department of Revenue Commissioner. 

Edited by Aiden, ADN 🔥

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