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Kings Peaks 4.0.6 [New minor crime, Police tablet, Weapon cache]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZCJNBEb_skVfsP6xqGwROemEryrR9YDg/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New tech store minor crime
    • 1/500 chance of getting a graphics card/gpu
    • 20-35k cash reward each robbery
  • New police tablet
    • Ability to create BOLOs on people and vehicles
    • Ability to view the whole criminal code in-game
    • Ability to create Search and Arrest Warrants for people
    • Ability to see what FREQ other officers are on
    • This is the first stage of the police tablet we will eventually add a full criminal history to it
  • Weapons cache
    • Every 90-120 minutes a weapons cache will spawn somewhere random in the map with class 3's inside
    • Only SERT can respond unless it lands on an island which then MSRT will respond
  • Buffed transport truck
    • When delivered by Police it now splits $250,000 to ALL cops online
    • When delivered by Civilians it gives you $250,000 in gang funds + a large number of class 3 firearms 
  • Gang/Gun stuff added
    • Caboni uniform added
    • Peaky blinder uniform added
    • Dirty Bandit HW uniform added
    • Sho hyperbeast 115 added
    • Austin marinos cv added
    • Anarchy uniforms added
    • RM Range rover
    • TI Range rover
    • New mafia uniform added
  • Added KP Entertainment Casino (under construction, will be greatly improved on next map update)
  • New Brute Ambulance sound fixed and KPRS brand skin added to it
  • Added slicktop versions of all cop cars
  • Added egg plant to major cool down
  • Added new civilian backpacks to store
  • Added some sync data changes to hopefully fix throw
  • Fixed hints for oil rigs
  • Fixed bean bag shotgun
  • Buffed nissan skyline
  • Added all USCG vehicles to ANPR/Lights system
  • Fixed EMS chargers
  • Changed Cartel Money locations to more CQC, better spots to be able to hide etc
  • Added Judge notifications when arresting people to notify cops if judges are available
  • Remove rope option added to DOC walls when ropes are thrown over
  • Fixed vehicle spawning with wrong matieral
  • Fixed issue with frisk him
  • Fixed the two capture points which were not paying out
  • Fixed all of housing issues
  • Removed a lot of useless scripts from framework for optimisation
  • Heavily nerfed civic
  • Fixed the 'special' hand animation breaking weapons
  • Fixed the car dealership some times not spawning a car
  • Fixed people with gang houses being unable to buy personal houses
  • Fixed certain houses not being able to take containers
  • Fixed removing the rope from the DOC wall
  • Fixed a large majority of cop and CG cars not having ANPR and lights
  • Fixed materials not saving over restart/storing
  • Fixed an issue where the frisk menu would break if more than 1 legal weapon was uncovered
  • Fixed 2 of 4 gang capture points not paying out money
  • Fixed furniture duplicating
  • Fixed chemical leak
  • Fixed certain processing rooms teleporting the defendant to prison
  • Fixed the beanbag shotgun
  • Applied small optimizations and other changes to lower the chances of throw and increase network performance
  • Fixed the lottery issuing money to null when the winner has disconnecting causing errors
  • Added go-pro and wire to EMS stores
  • Removed the major notifications and checks from oil rigs
  • Added EMS ablity to change the numbers on the side of the fire truck
  • Fixed fire trucks not being able to turn
  • Added new civilian backpacks
  • Unlocked the pine city court house
  • Fixed being unable to impound helicopters
  • Fixed being unable to paint the windows of the unmarked hellcat
  • Removed broken spawn points from AST


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God so much fucking contenttt!!! 


Such amazing work by the entire dev team, can't say enough positive things about y'all. 

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This update is very nice and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you Devs and or anyone who made it possible! ❤️

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"Added slicktop versions of all cop cars "

I can't seem to find them. Have they be added into the cop shops yet?

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AWESOME!!!!!  Love reading these change logs and seeing all the new content rolling out.  Can't wait to see what that transport truck has inside lol

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