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 Florida Life is here!

Doug Jumper


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Thanks to all the developers for their hard work on this update, we have a lot more to come in the coming weeks. Please report any bugs in #bug-reports and refer any missing clothing/vehicles to Oliver The Dev via discord.

Please Note: We are adding back headless client after the 6PM NZT restart, we will run it for 2 restarts to see if we can add it back full time so we can hit those 140+ players again. 

Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uvz2qr_sZmetnGX4CnxDnZgg-uDqzoCb/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (FULL): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZWqdrhCrBlw2bTmbOEHtrwgCzNSeqWky/view?usp=sharing

  • New Cryptocurrency System
    • Added support for multiple coins
      • Each coin has different stats, varying price and varying efficiency, more efficent coins are more valuable to mine
      • Certain coins have certain different purposes, you cannot mine illegal coins, which are illegal to possess and used for illegal purchases.
      • In the future, different coins will tie in to certain features of the server
    • Unique wallets per player
      • Each player has a unique crypto wallet which is anonymous and the only way the feds find out if a wallet belongs to you is if you tell them or someone else tells them, so be careful if you plan on doing illegal acts
      • Each player can transfer currency between anyone, this history will show on the front page for all players.
    • All other information you should find out within roleplay.
    • The legality will change, with all legal coins being, well, legal
  • New Liberty Labratory (Winchester Lab Remake)
    • Completely custom remake of the old Labratory from 2.0
    • Rob the labratory on the top floor and get key cards
    • Sell the keycards at the crazy chemist found in pine city or keep them in preparation for something special coming early summer 2021.
    • No items required
  • New Penthouse
    • Costs $50,000,000 CASH
    • Implemented for the high rollers/grinders of ANZUS
    • Fully custom top to bottom with a working elevator
    • Working garage and air garage
  • New Cargoship
    • Completely custom cargoship
    • USB Virus required
  • Changes to fast food
    • Vitamins can now provide an up to 2x increase in crafting speed
    • Fast food workers can now issue bills which can be paid at the cash register and go to the company funds and logged
    • Workers can now sign on whilst wearing their job uniform, rather than having to take it off to sign on
  • New Coastguard Speedboat
  • New donator/faction donator shop hairs/mostaches and more
  • Lots of new quests added to questing menu with a variety of rewards
  • Map Changes
    • Redone the gangster region of Pine City
    • Highway layby for traffic stops and rest stops
    • Scrapyard added
    • Some trees blocking areas removed and some trees missing added
    • Fixed the roads at pirate cove being incorrect
    • Replaced ramp bridge with flat bridge for less death
  • New Store Open/Close Alert System
    • Mafia, Gangsters, Mcfishers and Taco Hell now all have the option to open/close their store, it will alert everyone on the server with a custom hint.
  • New gang/civilian clothing
    • Danny Moore Jack Carbine
    • 424 Uniform/vest/car
    • Arran TI Hat
    • AAA Full set
    • DB Range Rover
    • Bellic TI Hat
    • Gangster clothing
    • Pink panthers
    • Cody wong gun
    • KABU Gang uniform
    • TI vests
  • New AST Winter Clothing
  • New DOC Clothing
  • Moved all cartel money locations
  • Moved all cocaine shipment locations
  • Added back matte customs texture from 2.0
  • Scrap Yard v2 added to capture points
  • Several Jail fixes
  • EMS Littlebird added
  • Fixed EMS Ambo texture
  • EMS Speed buffs on vehicles
  • New EMS Uniform
  • New EMS Ridealong vest
  • Added 300 storage to Planes and added ability to access plane inventories (NOT HELIS)
  • Economy changes
    • Blood diamonds nerfed ($1625 to $1575 per)
    • Moonshine nerfed ($1650 to $1600 per)
    • Heroin buffed ($775 to $850 per)
    • Oil buffed ($750 to $850 per)
    • Earth buffed ($180 to $215 per)
    • Ruby buffed ($180 to $215 per)
    • Iron buffed ($115 to $200 per)
  • Nerfed Divo to 1km per hour (lol jk scared you Tony K)




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Guest Pug Winter

Awesome update as always guys keep all the great work up!

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