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Kings Peaks 4.1.5 [Criminal Bounties, New Cargoship, Big Map Changes]

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Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ugY72mRZCXEzafKNo9nNG6JQ_HnFQWIx/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (Full):

  • Added crime bounties
    • Website on the computer, providing cryptocurrency bounties for certain crimes at certain times, regularly refreshes.
  • Added espionage
    • Available via crime bounty website
    • SIGINT options for CGIS
  • Added subway
    • Developer ran subway building for when Taco Hell and McFishers are not open
    • Vegan options (do try)
  • Added medals
    • Allows factions to give medals to their staff in return for certain benefits and buffs
    • The Governor and Lieutenant Governor can give medals to members of the public for service for benefits and buffs.
  • Added court staff and bailiff uniform
  • Added judge housing area for members of the judiciary
  • Map Changes
    • New lake in the middle area of the map for a black market trader
    • New tow truck headquaters
    • Lights to the pine city highway
    • Highway sign (more to come)
    • Other small map changest
  • Cargoship completely reworked
    • USB virus required
    • Start at cabin of boat 
    • Located at Port 3, we will move it every update.
  • Added New ABI HQ
  • New Nissan370z Race Car
  • Highway uniforms changed to similar to 3.0 cars
  • Fixed frisk spamming
  • Fixed avonpond PD
  • Fixed PD impound hint
  • Fixed daily challenge wording
  • Fixed interrogate at all pds
  • Fixed delivering joints
  • Fixed pine bus stop
  • Fixed pilot licence (its 2k at the shop id buy it or get arrested noob)
  • Fixed KPE casino spawn (sorry fellas it took so long)
  • Fixed meteors in wrong spots
  • Fixed Car Safe
  • Fixed Weed ATM
  • Lots of small map fixes
  • Added KPE Casino Car Shop for Mafia
  • Fixed Art Gallery
  • Fixed Nasa
  • Increased distance of Police Siren
  • Fixed Nasa Steal Animation
  • Moved the cartel spawn off Moonshine


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Amazing update as always! Keep up the grind and can't wait to see what's coming! Appreciate all you Dev's

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