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Harri Welsh

Harry Welsh Revenue Enforcement Application

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Applicant Information

Name: Harry Welsh

Real Life Date of Birth[DD/MM/YY]: 26/03/01

Timezone/Region (NA/EU/AU/OTHER): EU

Steam 64 ID: 76561198035715663

Link to your forum profile: https://www.anzus.life/profile/12007-harri-welsh/

Link to your steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/harryoc/

Character Background

Why would you like to join the REA? (100 words minimum): I would like to join the REA because. I personally enjoy doing more of the paperwork side of law. I enjoy doing any and all law enforcement related activities on this island. The REA also poses a unique opportunity to be able to get out and and do something interesting and new to the island, It allows me to grow in and outside of this island my knowledge and to gain ideas and experience for future careers. I hope that as you read this application you will find that I also have a drive do help others but to also bring justice to those who have committed crimes against the State or the people of Kings Peaks. 

What skills/talents can you bring to the REA? (75 words minimum): I bring my determination and my extensive knowledge of law on this island as I have been a LEO most of my time here and been in the Criminal Investigation Division back in Lake side, I know I wont be that active but when I am on I will give you my all. I am also an excelent pilot and can handle myself in a gunfight which i hope it doesnt get to. Additionally I am patient and persistant in the pursuit of justice even if all that is, is unpaid tickets

Tell us why we should choose you over other applicants. (75 words minimum): I have extensive experience in law related duties including the CID back in lakeside, and of course the AST in present days. I will be a very valuable asset to the REA in the regards of knowing what I am doing, how exactly to do things, and the ability to work on my own with very little help when necessary. I have also been to court a few times back in lakeside and in kings peaks, although its not the best but its a start

Do you have any LEO experience? (If no, please put "N/A"): Yes, as I have previously stated I was in CID and I got to the rank of Corporal in Patrol last year january time I am also a current serving member of the AST


Additional Details

Do you have any references from current serving REA members?: No

Are you currently in possession of a BAR Certificate?: no

Are you able to work under stressful situations?: Yes

Do you agree to follow the departmental Standard Operating Procedures, all announcements and any REA policies?: Yes

Do you agree that if caught lying on the application, it could lead to a blacklist from the REA / Government?: Yes

Do you agree that you will face unconditional removal from the REA if you are found to be corrupt?: Yes

Applicant's Signature

Please sign your name: Harry Welsh

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Hello, you have been accepted to go to the next stage in hiring to become an Agent with the Department of Revenue Enforcement.

Please schedule an interview with a Deputy Commissioner or higher with the Department of Revenue.


You will have 7 days to complete the interview, otherwise your application will be denied.



Aiden Sparker

Deputy Commissioner

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