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Raymond Speirs

Enoch Griswold - DoC Application

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Applicant Information

Corrections Character Name: Enoch Griswold

Real Life Date of Birth [DD/MM/YY]: [07-02-2000]

Timezone/Region (NA/EU/AU/OTHER): NA

Steam 64 ID: 76561198119374981

Link to your forum profile: https://www.anzus.life/profile/24076-raymond-speirs/

Link to your steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119374981/

Character Background

Why would you like to join the Department of Corrections? (50 words minimum):

Though fresh out of school, having completed a degree in criminal justice at the University of Alaska, Enoch Griswold is no fool. While most of his classmates could not find their ass with both hands, Enoch dedicated hours of his personal time volunteering and preparing for his goal, which is a career in corrections. All while attending University, Enoch was a member of the national guard, and completed an internship at a county jail. Through this he developed keen senses that would help his future in corrections. He learned to communicate effectively with inmates, how to defuse a situation, how to remain calm when chaos breaks out, how to effectively use firearms, and non lethal weapons.


What can you offer to the Department of Corrections? (50 words minimum):

Enoch, with his previous experience, and keen attitude, would be nothing more than an asset to the Department of Corrections. He has been training most of his adult life for the experience, and will maintain the utmost loyalty and dedication to the job. His personal skills, paired with his unique self defense abilities, make him a star of a candidate. Enoch is also very ambitious, and intends to climb the ladder as high as it will go.


Tell us why you should choose you over other applicants. (50 words minimum):

Although there are certainly a number of qualified candidates, Enoch stands out as a uniquely motivated, and ambitious candidate. The combination of his educational, and life experience demonstrate maturity beyond his years, giving you a candidate who is young enough to be impressionable and molded into the model corrections officer, but experienced enough to do his job effectively.


Can you dedicate 10 hours minimum a week to your potential job as a Department of Corrections officer to be considered ‘active’ in the eyes of the Department of Corrections?:



Additional Details

Can you communicate clearly in the English Language? (This is required as we are an English speaking Arma 3 community): Yes

Do you have any references within the Department of Corrections?: No

Do you agree that if accepted, following your interview you have 14 days to complete your core training or will be discharged from the Department of Corrections?: Yes

Do you agree to follow the Standard Operating Procedures, all Announcements and Policies?: Yes

Do you agree that if caught lying on the application, it could lead to a blacklist from the Department of Corrections?: Yes

Do you agree that you can face unconditional removal if you are found to be corrupt as Department of Corrections?: Yes

Applicant's Signature

Please sign here: Enoch Griswold

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Thank you for applying to the Department of Corrections @Raymond Speirs your application has been accepted. To proceed, please report to the “Waiting Room” channel on TeamSpeak under the DOC section. Please note you will have 3 Days to participate in an interview. You have been added to the corrections database, if you fail to come for the interview, you will risk being REMOVED from the database.

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This Department of Corrections is now Accepted

Thank you for applying to the Department of Corrections . As a result of your recent interview you have been Accepted to move forward as an Officer within the Department of Corrections. Please go to the “Waiting Room” under the DOC Section.

Jokko Saunters, DOC Trainer

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