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Jack Chapman

Prison Poster Competition

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Hi Everyone,

So we're currently hard at work with some upcoming prison changes for a future update, as part of this we're looking to add in 24 new posters into the cells.

We are going to use this opportunity to invite the Anzus community to submit posters for a chance to have your submissions featured in the new prison building.

The technical requirements:

  • Your submission must be suitable to be scaled down to a scale of 17:23 (340px width x 460px height) without significant blur.
  • Your submission must not have any transparency.
  • Please submit in either a png or jpeg format.
  • No significant ammount of text.

The rules:

  • Unlimited submissions allowed.
  • Just don't be a dick. Any posters aimed at certain members of the community must be entirely in agreement with the person featured/reference.
  • No hateful, racist etc posters.
  • Keep the posters relevant where possible to the prison, not just random Anzus shitposting.

The reward:

Any individual who submits a poster that gets put in-game will receive a free Anzus trading cards booster pack in-game. If multiple of your submissions are use, you will receive one per poster.

We look forward to seeing the results.

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i did not make this but was given permission to use it.



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fixed size
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