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 Florida Life is here!

Doug Jumper

Kamdan Life 0.5 [300+ new cars, new buildings]

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Hey everyone, great update today. Big thanks to Eric Snow and Alex Miller for their help and hard work on this update.

2.1GB Modpack Update

  • 300+ cars added across the shops
  • Ford Car Dealer added
  • Mercedes Car Dealer added
  • Jaguar Car Dealer added
  • Chev Car Dealer added
  • Exotic Car Dealer added
  • Dodge Car Dealer
  • New and Used Cars Dealer
  • Motorbike Dealer
  • Bunch of new vehicles added to rebel
  • New car garage added to Kamdan City
  • Snow Engineering billboards placed across the map
  • Jail fixed
  • Digger fire fixed for the fire department to put out
  • FNP45 removed from handgun shop
  • Removed weed markers from the map
  • Decreased time to apply medkit
  • Increased Art Gallery cops to 6





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4 minutes ago, Raph Reaper said:

Are weed runs not going to be a thing now? (I mean they didn't work before but...)

They do work, its just they no longer show on the map to everyone.

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1 minute ago, NIGHT SHADOW said:

will this update auto install or do I have to install it?

Just open your ARMA 3 launcher and it will auto update.

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8 hours ago, Raph Reaper said:

Oooh do you have to grow your own field? How does that work?

Buy seeds from Illegal Goods, plant them through your Y menu.


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