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Grizzly Peaks 5.1 Changelog [New minor crime, Heaps of new cars and more!]

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Google Drive(Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hjRcA1IpA9oi62lm44lyc5zYKudIiNBA/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive(Full): Will be uploaded
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New Pharmacy Minor
    • Rob by hacking into the safe at the back of the pharmacy
    • Complex minigame you have to get through to start the minor crime
    • Brand new pharmacy building
  • Completely new modshop tablet
    • Modshop workers are now the one's using the tablet
    • Added option to preview the modshop worker's tablet
    • Made different vehicle mods require different virtual items (modshop workers are able to craft these)
    • Changes are saved instantly to the database
    • Added back tiering
    • You can now instantly upgrade to T3 (still requires same total cost)
    • Added more material types for tier 2 donators
  • Added stress system
    • Shooting, getting shot at, driving fast will increase stress
    • Stress will go down over time, or by smoking joints or cigarettes
    • Having high stress will give certain effects, they're very minimum and don't effect combat
  • New weed store (run by the gangters)
    • Added a new medicinal weed plant, used for crafting items in the weed shop
    • The different items give different buffs
  • Added new cars
    • Subaru WRX STI
    • Toyota Mark 2
    • Lambo Egotista
    • AMG Roadter
    • Kaneda Motorbike
    • Diablous Motorbike
    • Zenvo Exotic
    • Chimera(Bikers only)
  • New Academy Jeep Cherokee
  • New CTRG stuff
    • New helicopter
    • New clothing,vests,bandanas etc
  • New EMS stuff
    • EMS Quadbike
    • EMS Snowmobile
    • EMS HR Jeep Cherokee
  • New Farmer House minor crime
    • Find cows on farms across the map, if you kill the cow for the meat police get alerted
  • Hunter tracking system
    • Use the hunting tracking system to look for animal footprints
    • The higher your hunting skill the further away you can find animals
    • You need a hunting knife in your inventory and windows key the ground
  • New Port Weapon shipment Mission
    • An AI drives ship into the ports
    • There is a crate with guns on the ship
    • SWAT can respond and MAA members may assist(max of 4 police should respond at one time)
  • New mansion added across the map ($10,000,000)
    • BCC Uni Fiz
    • NG Durag
    • Kingsmen MC Uni
    • Vigilanties Uni/Vests/Hat
    • The Order Uni
    • GFK Uni/Vest/Hat
    • KD Guns Uni/Vest
  • New UFC Arena for the biker to run events in as an alternate to the underground stuff
  • Fixed searching houses not seizing items and giving police reward
  • Added seizing dirty money to searching houses
  • Added 'issued by' to warrants menu
  • Allow non company owners to manage employees and budget
    • Added 2 new permissions, Manage and Budget
  • Fixed multiple issues with the company menu
  • Added the ability for police to seize briefcases when out of combat (illegal items that have dropped on the floor on death)
  • Made civ paychecks only be payed out when less then 1mil in bank
  • Set death chat to be enabled by default
  • Added 5k fine when send to jail
  • Vehicle fuel will now save when storing vehicles in garage
  • Made gathering/mining resources require certain mining/farming skill level
  • Added seize suitcase option for cops
  • On death/when being searched it will now only drop 1 suitcase with all the items instead of multiple
  • Added the ability for restaurant workers to give drivers items when in the drive-thru
  • Trucks now get increased truck space when upgraded (4% per level)
  • Reworked food/drug item buffs
  • Fixed civ drug drops
  • Fixed give ticket menu for higher resolution monitors
  • Added option for REA Lead Agent's+ to revoke tickets
  • Gangster cars fixed
  • Fixed female EMS uniforms
  • Heaps of bug fixes but no one wants to read bugs!


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Any issues with shops DM Oliver directly, do not post bug reports.

Any other issues do not DM anyone just post it in the bug reports.

Check out the trailer made by Elliot:


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