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Jesse Tigerwood

Grizzly Peaks 5.3 [Abandoned Military Base Major, Conflict V2, Reworked Slade Hill, Fixed Turfs and much more!!]

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Google Drive(Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-xJyVklYl-vAiuQmvQVRyQqfv4FQiLDm/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive(Full): 
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Military base Major
    • All cops can respond
    • Minimum cops 10
    • Pays out class 3s
  • Conflict Changes
    • Added Garages to every node
    • Added 100% chance of reviving
    • Fixed 200 Spam notification
    • Disabled Holster script
    • Added new War Points System
    • Added Warpoint Shop
  • Gang Clothing and Guns
    • Zephyr Family Vest fix/uni/boonie
    • Reapers Uni/Boonie/Construction Hat/Back Hat/Mask
    • Roman "AMONG US" mk18 weapon skin
    • Jeffery Smokes GTR texture update/Fix
    • The Order vest texture update
    • Gambino Family uni fix
  • Refer a friend system
    • New players can set who referred them to the server
    • When that new player gets X level the person who referred them is rewarded
  • Added new lockpicking minigame
  • Map changes
    • New military base added
    • Slade hill redone
    • MAA base redone
  • Added prestige for questing
    • Complete all civilian or rebel quests
    • When you prestige you will randomly receive the Segway, Nissan GTR or the Batmobile
  • Added 25+ new heist style masks to rebel
  • Added a log for the gang logs when a player pays the fees at a processor
  • Added Department of State Affairs (DSA) - SRT Hellcat/Crown Vic
  • Made entering aircrafts and boats auto set the player's radio additional frequency to air or maritime frequency
  • Made player's character id show above head
  • Made player's set names not show while wearing a mask
  • Made dead animals not delete when near players
  • Made buffs from food and drugs not stack and made some less op
  • Made seeds plantable using the hotbar
  • Made it so vehicles no longer have to be unlocked to check the VIN
  • Rearranged crafting menu. Sorted everything by crafting level
  • Reworked MAA Base
  • Turfs fixed
  • Reworked Slade Hill
  • Moved some majors and changed the scenery
  • Y Menu parachutes added to crafting and SWAT shop
  • Fixed CTRG rebel shop
  • New Mita custom police uniform added
  • New Seska custom police vest added
  • Changed whitelisting for pawn shop doors
  • A few geometry changes with the casino
  • RS7 buffed
  • Academy new tiger plate carrier
  • Adjusted EMS SRT skin
  • Modshop cars buffed
  • Added job clothing shop to job center
  • Added normal crafting table to modshop
  • Allowed high peaks weed to be produced at warehouses
  • Lowered weight for all high peaks harvest items
  • Fixed high peaks sign


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Great job dev team. Another marvoulous update and in such a short time as well. Very impressive work. And again, thank you guys for you hard work, so we can go home and play on this great server. Here's to another great update!

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On 5/1/2022 at 3:25 AM, Griffin Chauvin said:

New major is one of the most enjoyable majors I've ever responded to as a cop! Great work dev team!

The Dev team didn't make it, the great HA Leader @Bailey Sharplin with input from fellow HA members!

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8 minutes ago, Vanbar said:

The Dev team didn't make it, the great HA Leader @Bailey Sharplin with input from fellow HA members!

HA on top






































of yo mum

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From a fellow, HA; I can completely deny this statement.

11 minutes ago, Wyatt Hudson said:

HA on top

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