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Removal From Position Policy

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ANZUSGaming Removal From Position Policy

This policy applies to all faction (Police, ect.) removals and staff removals. This policy does not apply to internal management of gangs or private businesses. This policy does not apply to elected officials and elected positions such as the legislature of Florida.


  1. All major disciplinary action must be made over voice, not over discord message, with an opportunity with the person being disciplined to hear the charges against them and have a chance to defend themselves before the decision is finalized.
    1. This chance to defend one self does not include interviews within the investigation process such as IA interviews. The chance to make a final defense must be given after all evidence is collected.
    2. A person has the right to know what incident they are being disciplined for. This includes seeing at least some of the evidence against them to be able to understand the situation they are facing.
    3. If the complainant (person reporting) wishes to remain completely anonymous, their evidence must not be released. However the person must be given a summary of what is contained in the evidence. If the evidence is confidential the liaison officer (or lead team for staff) must approve the discipline and be involved in the meeting process.
  2. A 'major disciplinary action' includes the following:
    1. Blacklist
    2. Termination/Removal
    3. Demotion of 2+ ranks
    4. Demotion within the 'command' structure of a department. (SLT, Command of PD and EMS, ect.)
  3. The process for major disciplinary action is as follows:
    1. The person is required to arrange a meeting time within 2 days of being sent a discord message.
    2. The person must be able to meet within a reasonable amount of time. (4 days from the initial message unless an LOA was approved)
    3. The person is given the chance to defend them self at the meeting.
    4. The person has a right to legal counsel to be present.
      1. The Faction SOPs or Laws of Florida may set out whether the persons legal counsel has the right to speak.
      2. Unless otherwise allowed, legal counsel is not there to represent their client and talk for them, they are just there to watch and remind their client when to exercise their right to silence.(For RP related scenarios)
    5. If the person fails to respond or meet these requirements the person may be given discipline over discord unless there are special reasons why they cannot meet these requirements. (e.g. LOA without internet which was approved)
    6. A member of SMT not involved in the disciplinary action may waive this requirement.
    7. The person may be suspended whilst awaiting the meeting.

  4. Other disciplinary actions may be done over discord however the person must be given the chance to hear the charges against them and have a chance to defend themselves before the decision is finalized.
    1. This may be done over discord, on TeamSpeak or in-game.
    2. The person has a right to legal counsel to be present. (For RP related scenarios)
    3. The person must be told the proposed punishment.
    4. The person has up to 24 hours to respond to the charges. Once they provide a statement of defense the discipline may be finalized.
      1. If the action is done in game and the person is online, they have 30 minutes to seek legal counsel.
    5. The persons response/statement of defense must be considered and not just ignored.

This is considered both a server rule and a Law of Florida.


This policy is in force as of 17/12/19

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