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Doug Jumper

Kamdan 2.0.1 Changelog

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Google drive link (400mb) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iZ7XjqdIG3wxGJgfN8LaH98nFBL4ZIOW/view?usp=sharing

Google drive guide - Drag into your @ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life file and replace all

US Repo:

AU Repo: Not updated yet

  • Multiple hint fixes (certel, recivd, ammount and color correction)
  • New help guide to help new players added to Y menu
  • Car Garage at rebel
  • Fixed burglary alarm
  • Multiple new anti-cheat changes
  • Fixed jail doors, they are now lockpickable
  • Fixed impound lots
  • Taser fixed
  • Weapon transport now requires 35 players
  • Weapon transport reward now is split between ALL cops online
  • Lockpick animation fixed
  • Disable enviroment sounds added (Shift backspace)
  • Fixed vehicle shop $0 vehicles
  • Kamdan name fixes
  • Cocaine shipment marker fixed
  • Cartel money buffed (doubled money you get)
  • KSG shotgun removed
  • Medic whitelist ranks fixed
  • Bunnings added
  • Alcohol system added (vodka, beer and jim bean found at the bars around kamdan, if you drink too much you pass out. Don't get done for public indecency)
  • Fixed dances
  • Backend of new meth table mission added
  • Backend for art gallery added
  • Backend for nikos assassination mission added
  • Black Pistons vest fixed
  • Corvo Family uniform andvest added
  • Shadow Division uniform and vest added
  • Free family uniform and vest added
  • You can now find spoons at the scrap yard at prison to dig out
  • Nearest ATM system added to your Money area on your phone
  • Warwick supermarket moved
  • Plane near rebel no longer floating
  • Added a lot more ATMS
  • Tunnel fixed
  • Removed turtle poaching
  • When no EMS are online, Police are now notified of the persons location via the map when someone is killed. 
  • Map changes
    • Kamdan Central (Near art gallery) filled in
    • Hydepark south empty area filled in
    • Lots of roads smoothed out


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Guest Gary Lumpkins

Sick update honestly would say the best devs right now in the arma community so many great updates and fast fixes love guys (no homo)

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KSG got removed because cops are so salty, now cops have overpowered vests, now thats balance lol, and still haven't fixed the car shop, would atleast want to preview the cars and actually change their colors and kamdam customs.

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5 hours ago, Tommy Wolf said:

would love to know why the servers called Anzus but the servers not in au???

ANZUS stands for Australia New Zealand United States as when we made it the three highest people were in those regions.

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6 hours ago, Kav Israe said:

the cop vest armour issue needs to be fixed asap. No point in going to get into combat cause you will lose, almost 1005 of the time. 


due to them having like 17 cops on 24/7 and taking 6 bullets each, its just so OP!

It has already been fixed. 

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