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 Florida Life is here!

Jesse Tigerwood


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Google Drive (Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PJt5lWPYhQH5y25Ouinoe_A72NQNzVwT/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (Full): TBA
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New Hospital
    • Brand new custom hospital replacing the old hospital
  • New Crourt House
    • Completely reworked the court house
  • Daily rewards
    • Login in daily to get rewards
    • Receive money, warpoints, experience, booster packs and exclusive vehicles
    • Login days do not have to be sequential (you can skip days)
    • Milestone rewards at 5, 20, 40 and 60 days
    • Rewards can be picked up from the claim center
    • Rewards are global and can thus be claimed cross character
  • Claim center
    • Added claim all button
    • Added functionality for virtual items claims
    • Added functionality for warpoints claims
    • Reworked UI
  • Wager System
    • Min 10K cash bet required to partake in matches
    • ELO Ranking
    • Real Weapon PVP
    • New arena's (1v1, 2v2, 5v5)
    • Top 5 ELO will have a star show next to their name on twitter
  • Hunting V2
    • Removed poached meat
    • Made check ground use compass directions (and fixed it)
    • Fixed animal spawn rarity
    • Moved all hunting items from the supermarket to the hunting store
    • Added meat to hunting store items
    • Adjusted animal skin and meat sell prices
  • Added Cargo Pilot Job
    • Fly from different airfields and deliver packages
  • Added Bush Pilot Job
    • A hard pilot job, fly from different remote locations on the map and transport money
    • Higher pay than the Cargo pilot job but illegal
  • Added cargo pilot job
  • Added bush pilot job
  • Added 10 new gang warehouses across the map
  • Fixed tiers for KSP BMW CS
  • Made interior glass in decagon breakable
  • Added gang renaming (costs 50k)
  • Added setting gang freq (saves between restarts)
  • Added crafting speed perks
  • Fixed AWM not taking scopes
  • Fixed SDAR 2.0
  • Fixed Leaning Hazmat & Fire trucks
  • Fixed Fire & Hazmat truck speed
  • Fixed camaro seats (now 4 not 2)
  • Removed bugged eTron spolier & vissible proxy inside
  • Added new versions of Court Security uniforms for DSA
  • Fixed Unmarked CID Tahoe having pushbar
  • Added more Gold & Platinum weapons
  • Removed radar station attacks
  • Reduced blur for kuruma smoke
  • Increased cost of buying guns when buying from gang bank
  • Fixed escaping jail gang task when escaping from alcatraz
  • Fixed LSD gang tree bug
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New Hospital looks great.
A lot of more open space for pop up events to be held.

Will we get a path from the rear lot down to the docks? And will the docks have a Medic Boat Shop sign placed?

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