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 Florida Life is here!

Lee Bread

[AG] Auction - 04/12/2022

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Auction will be held on 04/12/2022. At gangwars time.

If you buy something you must have payment ready within 24h.


What are we selling:

  • Cat Ears in shop
  • AK-Chain In shop
  • Rucksack Back pack in shop
  • Tahoe Unmarked
  • Random Loadout (within reason) #1
  • Car Tier Blessing #1
  • Black Blindfold in shop
  • Bong mask in shop
  • Bus
  • Candy Van
  • Plague Mask in shop
  • Suicide vest
  • State Police Bomber Jacket in shop
  • Charger SRT Unmarked
  • Vapid Guardian
  • Random Loadout (within reason) #2
  • Ultralight #1
  • Slicktop version of (already owned) car #1
  • Kraken Sub
  • Rainbow cat ears in shop
  • Ultralight #2
  • State Police Traffic Gorka in shop
  • Car Tier Blessing #2
  • Roosevelt Gold Edition
  • 2 week gear/vehicles rank up #1
  • Random Loadout (within reason) #3
  • Slicktop version of (already owned) car #2
  • MadMax Ford Model B 1932
  • Tahoe Marked
  • Zenvo TS1
  • Mansory Gronos 6x6
  • MadMax Cardinal Grinder
  • Conehat in shop
  • 2 week gear/vehicles rank up #2
  • Range Rover Marked

    Items Subject to change more may be added some may be removed prior to the date.


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21 hours ago, Mitchell Murphy said:

They will be mine, and I will not hesitate to liquidate the entirety of the government to get them

i have them and they are perfect. so i shall make sure, if these are auctioned again, i will retain complete control over them and remain as the only one to have them! mwuahahahahahaha!!!

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I feel like this auction should have more high-end things. LMG kits, armed/armored vehicles, and like end-game items. We're almost down to the combat only time of year, where most rp'ers aren't around much, and all there is are majors and random fights.

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21 hours ago, Lee Bread said:


ok perfect. high end items, end game items such as rocket launchers, high end weaponry (50 cals, lynx, supressors), hell even a lvl 4 vest (one time use of course), but also simple things for those who are new, so a 2m truck, or hell even the 5m truck (or whichever one is above the 2m). a helicopter, a fully loaded tier 3 vehicle with a free modshop voucher to change the paint to any they wat (excluding gold or high cost paints). This auction should be cool shit that hasnt even been accessed in the game yet because of how high of levels it takes to craft it or how high of a cost it is to get. 



Also give me a goddamn rainbow cat tail to match my rainbow cat ears.

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