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Kamdan 2.0.3 Changelog [300+ New cars, New buildings]

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Modpack update 500mb+

Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iAOOT6DUNC4CNnC_2fa-ewjtvQKOVIsY/view?usp=sharing

For google drive: Drag all the contents inside the google drive Addons folder into your @ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life Addons folder

Arma 3 Sync: (Updated 1710 Hours NZT)

  • 300+ New cars added across the map Click here for full list of cars
    • New and used cars
    • Exotic Car Dealership
    • Motorbike Dealership
    • Chevrolet Dealership
    • Jaguar Dealership
    • Dodge Dealership
    • Ford Dealership
    • Mercedes Dealership
    • BMW Dealership
  • Military Bunker added (east of Ashworth) (Click here for GIF of bunker)
  • Casino Rework
  • Ashworth West Rework
  • Medic organ transport mission
  • Medic placeables
  • All perks fixed
    • Bleedout
    • Burglary
    • Process
  • New bandage perk (Ability to heal yourself to 100% with a bandage)
  • Medic death markers now show a bleedout percentage
  • Mitch Thompson's private island added
  • Millionaire Yacht added for $2,500,000 in the boat shop
  • New S.W.A.T uniforms
  • Fixed Hope Family Vest
  • Fixed Brigade Norde Uniform
  • Added PMC Uniform/Vest
  • Added Wolfpack Uniform/Vest
  • Added New Female Police Uniform
  • Ruby nerfed (Its a legal run and was making more than drugs)
  • New EMS S&R Truck (Ability to load jetskis on the back)
  • Several new buildings
    • Subaru Car Dealership
    • Exotic Car Dealership
    • Ford Dealership Sign
    • Audi Dealership
    • Mercedes Dealership
    • New school building
    • Private island villa
  • Back entrance to rebel
  • Replaced Tac-TX Honeybadger rounds with the normal 30 round
  • Airdrop fixed? (Needs playerbase to be able to test)
  • Keycard removed from Jail store (will find another way to get these into the server but right now its too op)






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Note: Obviously adding 300 cars we might miss a price etc, if anyone finds a price that is off we will reward you, if anyone abuses a price that is off you will be punished.


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2 minutes ago, Sky Montana said:

Half of the cars are not in

All of them are in, they're spread across shops.

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