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 Florida Life is here!

Doug Jumper

Florida Life 6.4 [Money Truck Heist, 200+ New houses/Factory/warehouses, New cars]

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Google Drive New Mods: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m-oaujA4Tae24IWePdzJzTDX6yrI6kM9/view?usp=sharing
(Click here for guide on how to update with Google Drive)

Google Drive Full: will be added soon
Arma 3 Sync: 
(Click here for guide on how to update with Arma 3 Sync)

  • Money Van Event 
    • Event will have a 40% chance to trigger after a major has started Moneyvan will need to be dropped of a different locations acorss the map, Different locations for cops and civs.
    • Civilians will have to explode the vehicle at a specific location to get the reward
    • Cops will have to unLoad the vehicle at a specific location to get the rewards
    • If vehicle is exploded / destroyed out of the zones nobdoy wins
    • If bomb has been placed on the van, cops can attempt to defuse it
  • New Mining Pickaxes
    • All pickaxes require a specific Mining and Crafting level to craft. They can be made in the forge(made in crafting). They give a bonus in gathering
    • Bronze Pickaxe
    • Cobalt Pickaxe
    • Vibranium Pickaxe
    • Demonic Steel Pickaxe
    • Starmetal Pickaxe
  • New Hunting Knives
    • All knives require a specific hunting level to craft. They can be made in the hunting tent. They give a bonus in gathering
    • Hunting Knife lvl 2 to Hunting Knife lvl 5
  • New Hunting Backpacks
    • All Backpacks require a specific hunting level to craft. They can be made in the hunting tent. They give extra Storage up to 200
    • Backpack lvl 1 to Backpack lvl 10
  • Crafting Changes
    • Scopes require Optical Glass, which can be found in labs and is crafted in both normal workbench and advanced workbench
    • Ghillies require Ghille Netting, which can be found in labs and is crafted in the advanced workbench
  • Capture The Flag changes
    • While playing capture the flag keys 5 - 9 acts as a bandage now (Doesn’t use item)
    • Random people will get teleported out of the zone (NON CTF PLAYERS)
    • Scoreboard player list is now fixed
    • People spawning in will have 5 seconds of god mode, if shot within the 5 seconds god mode is off straight away
    • No more freq set notification for CTF players
  • Conflict changes
    • Added Hex to player gangs when they are inside the conflict zone
    • Kurumas now have 1 smoke
    • Top 3 gangs now get a reward based on players online, $1000 per player. 60/25/15 
    • New Conflict Zones
  • Yellow pages app
    • Ability to advertise your business for a fee
  • Roads will now display on the top of your screen when driving around
  • Ability to turn tips/tricks off via phone settings
  • Public defenders can now use the open company button to allow everyone to know they're available
  • Now shows on the impound menu who impounded your vehicle (Yes its within RP)
  • Warehouse spawn upgrade
  • Ability to disable gas station alarms by windows key the sign
  • Custom gun system is now different you can now buy "Custom wraps" if you have a custom gun and apply them to the specific gun to allow you to have you custom skins on crafted guns
  • FSP now have the ability to retract licences via the MDT
  • Fixed civilian raptor tiering issues.
  • Fixed ems diver missions
  • Fixed bus stop notifcations
  • People being stuck in animation after tracking a vehicle
  • Resurge Casuals
  • Zone uni/vest
  • DB cowboy hat
  • Zombros vest
  • SteeleTeamSix uni/vest
  • James Maddison BlueBandit rifle (cop/civ) (Config)
  • Florida Kings vest
  • New Smokes (No longer affected by wind)
  • RGN New Booniehats
  • Blazed Uniform and Vest
  • The Moonshiners Uniform, Vest and Prisoner Variant
  • Female Prisoner Uniforms
  • James Maddison BlueBandit Jack Carbine (cop/civ) (Texture)
  • Castro new Uniform, Vest, Mask, Hat and Backpack
  • Castro Bentley and Castro BMW M4
  • FSP and FFR Donator Hats
  • IA and DTU Texture overhaul
  • Mozzarella Mafia Uniform, Vest, Hat
  • 100+ New hats
  • 3 new guns
  • Bomb Suit
  • Spam calling has been fixed
  • Attempting to place down a plant close to another one will display distance
  • 200+ new houses, warehouses, factories
  • New Hats for Police Academy
  • New Faction Vehicles Ford Fusion, Toyota Tundra, Mitsubishi EVO (PD/EMS)
  • Rework of Eurocopter AS365 (Dolphine) handling
  • Added a version of SWAT suburban with "standing on side" seats
  • Sirens added for USCG Boats
  • Buffed speed of USCG RB-M & Cutter
  • Fixed Whitelisting of M4A1 in cop shops
  • Updated where you stand outside on the SWAT Tahoe




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Posted (edited)

Money van the goat now I can do something when my major gets stolen 

Any info on how much money you get from it?

Edited by Buster Smith
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epic update, was the added 5 minute timer for the gang that started the last major in this update also i didn't see it

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25 minutes ago, Joey Caprino said:

epic update, was the added 5 minute timer for the gang that started the last major in this update also i didn't see it

Not yet sorry

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Great Work can't wait to finally see it in action what a great work that has come out no one ever saw any thing like this coming how epic!

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Once again Dev team smashing it out of the park! Thanks all for your hard work 

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Lets go boys, make sure you all keep suggesting things as you can see we are taking suggestions serious and working on them to bring the best we can!

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