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Doug Jumper

Looking for 4 more official gangs for Kamdan Life

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1 hour ago, Harry Longbow said:

Gang Name: Ghost
Gang Leader: Harry Longbow and Jack Stonewall
Gang Leader Discord: !Spen RS ®#1791 and Cleshay#8777

Do you have a uniform available: Yes


List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_sTDPuxwEHFx-9joCYe57xPD-NQhgPKdaK0ecGwf6JU/edit?usp=sharing

This Uniform was made by me and you can a custom one today by going to this discord https://discord.gg/r224bad



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44 minutes ago, terry black said:

LMAO imagine stealing my SHIT and posting it on ur little discord and saying its urs and stealing configs and clothes ahahhahahahahahaa SCAMMER

Then Why Do I have the photo shop .psb files and screen share my customers the process of how I make them?? I will show u what I see from my screen. I have not Stolen anything, pls remove your defamatory statements.




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Gang Name: The Chechens
Gang Leader: Abu Khuzayma AL-Shishani
Gang Leader Discord: Turky#3574

Gang Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19HzJBp0lp9fchJ6AmacJzDGYrecgb0cT82-3fTGjfkM/edit#gid=1897643392

Do you have a uniform available: Yes

Member 1: Abu Khuzayma AL-Shishani (76561198161805450)

Member 2: Abu Khalid AL-Shishani (76561198253169220)

Member 3: Abu Qatada AL-Shishani (76561198152632650)

Member 4: Abu Bander AL-Shishani (76561198185619285)

Member 5: Abu Sadiq AL-Shishani (76561198208285131)

Member 6: Abu Ayman AL-Shishani (76561198095217985)

Member 7: Abu Jassim AL-Shishani (76561193925119060)

Member 8: Abu Gaffar AL-Shishani (76561198174867259)

And we still looking for active players

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17 minutes ago, Roman Clancy said:

@Solar DriftYou asked for a uniform and now you make them? You dont seem to legit lmao. Terry works hard on his shit so dont do that shit. @terry blackdoes deving and that looks like his work. You bought a skin off him as well. Respond as you shall also - rep doesnt hurt me now so staff will reset it lmao.



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Application Template:
Gang Name: The Kings
Gang Leader: Lewis Craven, Sky Montana, Rambo Evah, Logan Western
Gang Leader Discord: Sean Fetty#8019 Whyzur#8425 Sebast2013#2073 ,  Craven#5493

Do you have a uniform available:

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZqWOxLtJ1rO9_mq718lcaXaQBR_AZQskE2NmI7vCUh4/edit#gid=1588656096

Sky Montana ( 76561198161151575 )

Rambo Evah ( 76561198083043589 )

Matt Westen (76561198200549063)

John Olsen (76561198302058107)

Amir Tech (76561198085760179)

Lewis Craven (76561198243280158)

Logan Westen (76561198142917237)

Robbo Strife ( 76561198163614992 )

Daniel Wyrus ( 76561198170374658)

Alex Lopez (76561198085281112)

(76561198123677536) Cody King

Taylor Robertson (76561198801433109)

Jack Morningstar (76561198248221336)

King Frank ( 76561198213976192)

Diego Antolio (76561198258721144)

Tor Cram (76561198108572658)

Tom Bradson (76561198053396710)

Jax Gavella (76561198157310694)


  • 8 or more gang members (Requirement met)
  • Gang roster (Requirement met)
  • All gang members must be active players on the server (Requirement met)
  • Must not be trolls (Requirement met)
  • Must not be known for cop baiting or robbing new players (Requirement met)
  • Must have an active recruiting thread Here (Requirement met)


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Application Template:
Gang Name: The Jokers
Gang Leader: Pineapple Joe
Gang Leader Discord: https://discord.gg/36FnvQx

Do you have a uniform available: Yes - Dm on Discord for the link - Made by Logan Westen


List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qDIECd9mGCtcXmrakZ7bie0EMLfQBQN-mKJE8-tpf8Y/edit?usp=sharing

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